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  1. looking to Ship a box to Canada, weight is about 20 KG. any idea what is the cheapest way? thanks
  2. Hi, looking for a wifi device that can be carried around and be able to use it on 3G and battery operated
  3. good day All, looking for Cisco IP Phones. used or new. if you have any please contact me. thanks
  4. looking for an iPad 2 wifi or 3G, any size. need to be scratchless. thanks
  5. Hi, as said in the subject.... Looking for an iPod Touch 4 for my son so he can stop using my iphone as a game pad. 8 gb, 32 or 64 is ok.... thanks
  6. I have one that is almost new in the box...I don't use it...... give me your best offer (please be reasonable to accept or negotiate). cheers,
  7. sorry Becca...you are 1 day late ....just sold them
  8. hi, it is not possible that it will cost 1000 KD for a navigation CD/DVD....unless you are buying the full unit and that is why they offered you the bluetooth with it. so if you are looking just for the cd/dvd then they have it for about 100 KD and the ministry of Transportation sells it for about 60 KD I think... you can always call or go to the scrap yard and you will get it for prbably like 20 KD or so. good luck. cheers,
  9. Hi all, I have 2 tickets available for sale...first one contacts me gets them. cheers, Sam
  10. Hi, I have 2 tickets for Cirque De Soliel.... i youa re still interested..you can buy them off me. cheers, Sam
  11. hi, I went through the same thing, however I have been using this cusinart machine for the past 4 years, I am so happy with it cause it allows me to have this fresh nice tasty coffee everytime I make it. check Sears Kuwait to find if they have this in stock. http://www.cuisinart.com/products/coffe ... 600bc.html what's good about it is that it has it is built in coffee grinder that grinds the coffee and brews it to your linking. check it out and enjoy that coffee smell in the morning before you even drink it cheers Sam