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  1. I'm looking to fix my KIA in an outside garage after an accident and I want to know if anyone knows of a good garage. TIA
  2. Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know how and where I can make a power of attorney? Preferably open in the afternoon. I'm an american married to a kuwaiti and I've filed a lawsuit against my former employer but all of the paperwork and going to the different ministries and courts and shoun are killing me, so I need to do a power of attorney for my husband so he can finish the paperwork. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Looking for wood pallets for FREE. I know AlBoom sells them but i would rather not pay for them. thanks for any help in advance
  5. where did he buy braces from? where can you buy dental supplies from???
  6. i actually just called the US about this the other day for my husband, if you pm me i can send you the names and website for the forms you need to fill out, then you just have to send them or take them to the embassy i think
  7. needing a home and for sale are not the same thing, i had a hairless cat when i lived in the US and would love another one, but not for 500kd
  8. Thank you. I am still open to other suggestions.
  9. I would love the number of your guy/company also please. I am looking for bulk printing
  10. If I want to start a clothing business where would I go to get pictures printed on clothing?? can anyone help me please? Also, where to buy good quality t-shirts in bulk? thank you all in advance for your help.
  11. looking for an ipod touch, not the newest generation. would prefer white but it isn't mandatory. thx
  12. if you're still in need i also have a black 32gb iphone 4.
  13. thanks Alsab3a
  14. i want to find a spin class, can anyone help...must be in a ladies only gym...thx
  15. In Salmiya where they sell the fake hair and make up, they have a couple stores inside for barber and salon chairs.