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  1. Haven't checked either ill go check those out thanks!
  2. I have been looking everywhere in Hawally and nobody seems to have any in stock, were they banned or something? Anyone know where I can find some? My PC and other electronics are extremely dusty lol.
  3. Wrong model, the PG278Q is an older model, the PG279Q is IPS and can do 165hz.
  4. Any idea guys on where and if I can find this monitor? Bin Khaldoun doesn't seem to have it.
  5. I just got back into the game and want to start doing raids and stuff thats very group oriented. Already at lvl 40 with a decent light level. If anyone is interested let me know and ill PM you my whatsapp details and PSN ID.
  6. Thats not it, like I said this allows you to charge your device while using another usb device like an external HDD on your android phone or tablet. Yours just allows you to plug in an external USB device. Anyways I ended up getting it from MR. Babu.
  7. It allows you to charge you device while using another device over micro usb such as an external hdd
  8. I have looked for it at all the hawally shops in bin khaldoun and they basically sent me on a scavanger hunt, every shop would say this shop might have it and then I go and that shop would tell me to go to the next shop until I got to the point where it was going in a complete circle and the last shop recommended a shop I had already been to. I already placed an order with Mr Babu for one but if I can find one here the sooner the better. Anyone know of any place that sells these?
  9. Ah I never realized they didn't celebrate the new year looool. Oh well wanted to make a whole day out of it with friends but whatever, guess we're going to Dubai lol
  10. Anyone know if there is gonna be a big fireworks show celebrating this new year? If so where?
  11. This is what I have so far guys. I would say 70% of the speakers have been bought, the rest are still on their way. Electronics wise I am waiting until the last minute in case some new models come out.
  12. in house
  13. I got one, use it for steaming games from my desktop mostly.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys I found someone to help me with the project. A friend of a friend who's done this sort of thing before. Will update this thread with the final result within the coming months.
  15. Looking for region 1 blu-ray movies. The more the merrier, whatever you guys have to sell list the movie names and I will reply whether I would like them or not.