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  1. Tried it, too slow
  2. if you want something cheaper than paying over KWD 200 for the hoverboard in the recent post on 248am, check this out.
  3. I have gotten rid of my MacMini (very old) and 15" Macbook Pro. All I have is my 13" MB Air. I need to have my daily share of watching movies, Photo editing and other work stuff. Hence need a 4K monitor I found a deal on blink for Dell 28" 4K monitor for KWD 115. Can i get a better deal?
  4. Any place in kuwait I can buy this shoe? Need Reebok Zig Squared Rush http://www.reebok.com/us/zig-squared-rush/M49190.html
  5. by mohallab complex i mean the mohallab shop in kuwait
  6. Shuwaikh mohallab would be able to do it. Also the shop in that moahallab complex which makes duplicate keys will do it.
  7. U3 is faster i believe compared to the more expensive card on Xcite. So where can I find a better deal?
  8. By extensive searching i've found that SanDisk 32GB Extreme Plus SD Card is the best bang-for-the-buck card. Can anyone tell me where can I get a good deal for it? Xcite has it for KWD 23.000 here, but if I am paying that much I could just buy the PRO from Souq.com here. Its about KWD 12.000 on Amazon
  9. Is this guy legit? http://248am.com/classifieds/items-for-sale/cell-phones-accessories/new-samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-64gb-black-sapphire_i4708
  10. Hi, I want to know where can I find the best deal for a GALAXY S6 Edge. (online, Physical showrooms or even Sharq shops). Any info?
  11. Do you just want a service center? or Do you have a specific issue you want to be solved? Also, Why would Mercedes Dubai care if you are complaining about Mercedes Kuwait? I am in the automotive business and havent heard that bad a review for Bisher & Kazemi (the mercedes dealership in Kuwait)
  12. I dont think we have had a geofilter yet on snapchat. Can anyone please design a decent geofilter and upload it here (https://www.snapchat.com/geofilters)
  13. Has anyone tried NIKE INTERNATIONALIST MID? is it good in person? Also what is the estimate charge of shipping via aramex (My shoe size is US 11)
  14. Nevermind. This is what I found, and its pretty awesome! http://crichd.tv/ Enjoy!
  15. I just ordered something online on the NIKE Store. and gave them ARAMEX NY address. Unfortunately, they dont ship to reshipping company's according to their email. Anyway of getting round this?