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  1. In reality, yeah! But I read on a Canadian forum that they dont accept driving license as proof since they need to see an official letterhead and official stamp.
  2. I will shortly be doing my first landing in Canada and one of the items on my "to do list" is to apply for a driving license there. I will be requiring a "Driving Experience Letter" from Kuwait to apply for my Canadian license. Any idea where I can get this document? Also, documents/paperwork required, steps to follow. Any help is much appreciated...thanks
  3. I think you have to go in person. When I went there on my brothers behalf, they said he has to be present for digital fingerprinting
  4. It seems quite annoying if you have to manually type in the address of every channel and then look for the area where you have to watch the free shows especially if you are using a device like the wdtv live with no keyboard. I was hoping it would automatically list all the channels so i can just browse until i find something I want to watch.
  5. Does anyone here use UnoTelly? I came across it googling how I could use my WDTV live media player with my VPN and it seems interesting since I can even use it thru my WDTV live player. I signed up for the free account for 8 days and Im clueless on how to use it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Sorry mate...these coordinates are wrong. A few weeks back, I actually used these coordinates to find the place and I was pleasently surprised as it took me just about 45-50 mins of driving to get to your pinned right turn exit. But there was nothing there. I asked a few people and came to know its about an hour driving further down the road. So I drove and drove and finally found the place an hour later. I think its quite close to the border. The place is really far out and you really just want to run away as soon as you get there. It wasnt dusty that day (in the city) but I guess since Al Naeem is basically in the middle of nowhere, its constantly exposed to flying sand and dust making it hard to keep your face exposed. I would also recomend that you protect the fender of your car as the wind and sand while driving, sanded away the color from it.
  7. Hey guys...I am in the process of completing my papers to join my spouse in Canada and I am told I would need a PCC from Kuwait and from India (being Indian). The PCC from India is available from the Indian Embassy. I am quite lost with where and how to go about obtaining the PCC from Kuwait. I need to know what documents I need, where to go? what time to go? Which counter to go to? Sometimes just knowing the building is never enough. Being a non arabic speaker its often quite hard to navigate through the process even when you are at the location. Thanks
  8. Hey Rehab...thanks. Although Im not sure you can use a fishing net to catch crabs. I do have a bit more info in regards to the whole moon thingy although I cant confirm whether its true or not. Apparently, you have to go early morning on the morning prior to a full moon. Also, the tide should be coming in. Seems like an impossible task to go crabbing under those circumstances. 1. Prior night has to be a full moon 2. Tide has to be right, as in it needs to be coming in early morning 3. It needs to be a weekend (I cant go work days) Oh well....atleast I can go fishing if nothing else. Thanks again
  9. Anyone knows anything about catching crabs. Where to go? Which beach? What times? Tools required...where to get them? Im hearing mixed stuff about full moons. I know obviously it has to be low tide. Can anyone shed any more light on this. Thanks
  10. Hey my buildings scheduled to be demolished. I need to know what the procedure is for cancelling the electricity in the apartment. I have been staying at that apartment in Salmiya for over 20 years. Thats the home I grew up in and since my dad passed away in 2005, I have been taking care of it. Im just not sure if I have all relevant documents. If anyone could shed some light on what documents are required, where to go, what to do, I'd appreciate it. Secondly, I also have a telephone landline and I would like to transfer the line to my new place. What is the procedure for that? Thanks in advance
  11. My Samsung LED plays almost all formats including mkv and mp4 directly via USB. It has 2 USB slots. My problem is that I want to enjoy my 1080p downloads as they take ages to copy to a portable hard drive
  12. Hey thanks for your replies guys. Boca Mocha...your right. Playing media content from my Imac is my only intent. I cannot go wired as its really a hassle do run a wire from my bedroom to the living room. I stay in an old apartment with solid walls and roof so theres no concealed way to do it. It would have to be an extermely ugly looking job running the wire across.
  13. I need some help and advice from all you tech experts out there. I have a 40" Samsung LED Series 6 in my living room and my Imac in my bedroom. My router too is in the bedroom beside my Imac. My TV has a network port for networking. I would like to network my LED TV to my IMAC without a really really long network cable. Any suggestions?
  14. I had purchased the Oxy pads from Sultan Center Salmiya a couple of years back. Got them by mistake thinking they were cleansing pads for normal skin. Dont know if they are still available, but you could check.
  15. +1 I'm surprised they responded to your e-mail and will refund you vial e-mail Could it be because I was holding a business class ticket