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  1. Hi, please suggest some places to get the biggest burger in Kuwait. Something like below.
  2. Hi Guys, Can some one please let me know the place in Kuwait, where I can buy CYCLO DS CARD or Acekard 2i for nintendo ds lite. I know Rehab is the place but I want to know the shop where I can get Orignal card and not a copy. Please let me know if anyone want to sell these cards. Or if someone can buy online for me I will pay all the charges. Many Thanks
  3. Hi I Need AceKard 2i or r4s card for Nintendo DS Lite. Please reply with price. Many Thanks
  4. Wooooo.. n i thout i m pretty active on this forum...
  5. I don’t think 100 post idea is relevant.. .. what if a genuine new person want to sell his/her phone or even person like me who is not associate with any mobile shop and on the forum from long time.. but not use to post… the other idea of selling 1 phone in 1 month is bit fine… though you cannot stop completely.. but that will have some effect .. and you can add further rules… like all mobile post will require your approval.. or any appointed admin by you.. that is how you can reduce shop owner or worker here.. but what eva you do.. please start this section again.. as that is the reason I always come to this thread .. to find any cheap offer
  6. I have 3G 4.2.1 Officially Unlocked black color.. Good condition.. let me know if you want
  7. As Burhan said... it wont delete your file if you uninstall Utorrent. My suggestion.. you should Pause all your downloads from Utorrent while surfing net. Later on when you are not browsing you can resume. As Utorrent suck all your bandwidth for downloading.. you get very less speed for browsing websites. Hope it help
  8. Ohh .. hope u r fi9.. its ok I can wait till thursday...
  9. Hey Burhan .... you r back on forum .. hope you are fine.. Can you please let me know if your offer still valid..?? Thanks
  10. Hi I am looking for an Iphone 3GS 16GB Oficially unlocked. If anyone intrested here than very good.. or else I will go to Sharq Market. But I have Some Queries if you guyz can help... 1. How would I know if the Iphone is unlocked ? 2, What is the diffrence between jailbroken and oficially unlocked ? 3. What is the appropriate price for a used Iphone 3GS, how much should I buy for ? Sorry I am new for Iphone... Since bignning I am symbian fan... But for a change, I am looking for Iphone Thanks
  11. Hello...Burhan ... Where are you..no reply ... tell me if you are not intrested
  12. Hi Burhan can you post some pic and tell me the reason of selling Many Thanks
  13. Hi, I Want to buy Either Nokia N900 or the Apple Iphone 3GS 16 GB offically unlocked USED one. My Range is 100 KD Any Intrested seller ?? Please suggest your price too. Many Thanks