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  1. Hi, You could ask fajer the lawyer, She is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers I have seen. She occasionally writes on this blog. Hope you soon find the solution to your problem.
  2. Hi tongue thai'd, Thank you for your reply. Please check your messages. Appreciate your help.
  3. Hi tongue thai'd, Thank you for your reply. Please check your messages. Appreciate your help.
  4. First of all i want to thank you for investing so much time and writing about your experience/tips over here. I will surely keep every single thing you have written in my mind. Actually, this is by far the best advice I have received from anyone. I too wish you all the best and hope you be really really successful in what you do. In'sha'Allah
  5. Thanks ariezman, I will surely keep that in my mind, Thanks once again for sharing your experience.
  6. Well that is sad but,I will keep my hopes up ☺
  7. Hello Everyone, I am a fresh engineering graduate (born and brought-up in Kuwait itself)now i am in a search of a job, the problem is everywhere i go they ask for experience. I wanted some advice as to what was it like when you guys were freshers and in search for jobs in Kuwait. please share your experiences. Also, if anyone knows where they hire freshers (low salary is not an issue) please share them here. Thanks
  8. Hi, you can find one in hawally, check marks post It costs 27 and half-28 kd there. if you are interested i am selling one for cheaper, which i had purchased but never got time to use it anytime.
  9. There is a SUN WORKSTATION for sale over here: ... un%20ultra
  10. Hey do you study in icsk ?
  11. I know god has given isrealies a genius brain, even Einstein was a jew but that doesnt mean they got the right to rule the world or do whatever they want to. you think if this oil wealth would be with them they would make the world a better place but you are mistaken my friend what they look is for their own good, if god had given it to them islamic countries wouldnt have even existed You dont even know how much hatred they have for muslims and islam.
  12. Dude if God had given the oil wealth to isreal it wound more of it on Destruction(like its doing right now) than curing................. What makes you think that they can make this world a better place, Its true that arabs do not spend that money for good cause but atleast they do not spend it on destruction and making innocent children orphans which isreal is doing...
  13. MAAAAAAAAAAN I know to hack without pandora but there is no custom firmware for 6.00 so need to downgrade to 5.00 using pandora battery or u know another way to downgrade??
  14. Dude i know how to hack a psp myself i just need a pandora battery to downgrade my current version since i by mistake updated it