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  1. Guys anyone who knows a reliable English speaking taxi service that i can count on to pick me up from my house at 3am to airport? I dont want to risk it so i thought how much is the long term and short term parking per day also? I will be out of the country for 23 days!
  2. If its a parcel and has a tracking number then the status will be updated until ''Arrived at Kuwait international airport sorting facility' or something like that. After that there will no more tracking updates, wait 3-4 working days then go to the office in hatteen to pick up your package.
  3. Go here first. Office to check your package if it arrived: Then go to front desk give your tracking number and date paper. He will bring ur package. Then clear it in customs:
  4. Guys to help and update you and save you some headache.All EMS and USPS express mail now goes to Hateen Post office. The post office is located next to the Hatten Co-op. You will see a small EMS sign outside the building. When you go in go left (near the stamp machine box) there is a room with some guys on the computer they will first check if your package has arrived. If it arrived he will write the date down on a paper. Give that paper to the front desk and tell them whether it's a box or envelope. After that he will go get your package in the back. You sign a form with a copy of your civil ID. Then you take your package to customs area in the back on right side. Once clear you pay the 1kd stamp from the machine. Much easier than traffic congested Khaifan. But remember it's for EMS or USPS mail. Normal mail still gets sent to khaifan
  5. Hey guys i got a traffic violation from what I can see on the website after checking my ID but its a weird one. Do I have to pay for this? I never recieved any ticket or was every stopped by police.
  6. Hey guys does anyone know of a safe driver who can take my wife to work and back 5 days a week from salwa to shaab? She works late hours (2-11pm) so I am getting worried about her walking alone back home at night as my work requires me to be away from home every few days I am unable to pick her up. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, Just wonering if you had 40,000KD in ur bank account what would you do with it?
  8. Thanks Burhan. Any idea when that will be? lol
  9. Guys where is the best place to buy the galaxy S3 in terms of price? I am looking for around 189 but I want a warranty (hardware/software) for 1 yr at least. Xcite I dont want to buy from since its only software. Sheeel have a deal today for 184KD but again its only software.
  10. Who needs females ones when u have the male ones with manboobs?
  11. Not to add more to the guys trouble but I agree with Pfunk to an extent. Marriage is slowly becoming an outdated concept. If you look in the western world or in developed asian countries like Japan, marriage is slowly becoming something which they dont need. People often get married for security reasons but now men and women are financially independent they see no point tying up the knot and having to worry about legal complications later on. I know many couples who have been together for many years now and some even have kids but will never get married since there is no benefit for them in doing so. In kuwait getting married is just such good business (housing, government suport, etc..) which is why maybe it makes more sense here.
  12. What exactly is the point of this thread? You are complaining about a two year difference in change? This blog has become popular and Mark has taken advantage of this fact. Seems like a smart thing to do. Hes making money and your not? I'd say to you don't come back for another 2 yrs.
  13. You will have to probably shop around. Your best bet is to start off with places like Sears and Ace Hardware. If you can't find everything you want in those places then move onto the sports shops in 360 Mall (top floor) & Avenues.
  14. My friend is looking for a used Iphone 4, 16GB. Her budget is around 100KD. Please contact me if you are selling any. cheers
  15. I'll try answer this question to the best of my ability, Some of it maybe outdated though. First off what religion are both of you? If you are Muslim and she is christian or Muslim also then is makes things easier. I am assuming you are both of one of the above I've mentioned. If that's the case you will need: - original and copies of Civil ID's - original and copies of passports (not sure on this one) - 2 witnesses (these can be anyone, even people from the street) - yours and hers birth certificate (authenticated by both your embassies and translated into Arabic) - Original police clearance certificate from your home countries, translated and authenticated by your embassy. You will both also once you have presented all the right documents to have to do a health check on any serious diseases (I.e. AIDS) and get the clearance paper before you proceed. If both of you have any degrees they need to be translated and authenticated by your embassies also.