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  1. Its universially known as one of the best quality cheap ultra wides you can buy. Check out this flickr group that posts only photos with the lens and with over 20,000 pics to look at: https://www.flickr.com/groups/tokina11-16mm/ But don't forget about the Sigma 10-20mm. Its not as bright but it is just as sharp, and a lot cheaper. Oh and there's one for sale in the classifieds section right now. (Full disclosure, its my listing lol)
  2. Basically its ma3booch in liquid form. You can find tons of ma3booch offerings in jars at any co-op and at some delis in Geant/LuLu they offer fresh ma3booch from syria and other countries that kicks ass because of the freshness. Those far surpass the Sriracha sauce crap that you see in the US. If you want to to match the consistency of sriracha sauce, just grind it up in a blender and add a bit of extra vinegar. Save your money on shipping and buy local stuff people that tastes way better. You can also get other hot sauces, such as the red rooster hot sauce that is extremely common here in Kuwait, or any others. Notice the rooster on bottle, the same as on the sriracha sauce bottle? Its the same stuff. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Rooster-Louisiana-Sauce-175ml/dp/B00AFYMRKM
  3. I have the hotspot because I liked the portability aspect. No issues with reception or wi-fi signal, and I still get blazing fast download speeds. I bought a tp-link wi-fi signal repeater for 8.5 kd and now I have the signal going through my entire apartment without any issues. If you need the LAN go ahead and get the bigger router, but also remember it does have some portability, basically you can take it with you anywhere and just plug it into a electrical outlet.
  4. I hope you have some kind of evidence to back up that statement, because I graduated from AUK and have tons of friends who also did and I've never heard of any accusation like that. All my teachers were nothing short of incredible and AUK is a great university. The only thing you said remotely true is that there is a parking problem.
  5. I like the videos. Its fun and gives you perspective on the daily life of a Kuwaiti teenager. Keep it up and have fun with it.
  6. Check out Salmeen Music. www.salmeenmusic.com They don't have that Line 6 amp you're looking for, but they have the comparatively similar Vox amps that include a pre tube for extra tonality. They also have other amps and brands so check them out.
  7. For blogs I usually recommend the following three hosts: 1. No Support Linux Hosting. http://www.nosupportlinuxhosting.com/ $1 a month for 1GB of storage and 30GB of bandwidth a month. One click wordpress install plus C panel for easy installation of tons of web plugins. As the name suggests there's no support but they have 99.99% up-time so no worries. I recommend getting this one over the other two. 2. A Small Orange. http://asmallorange.com/hosting/shared/ $35 a year for full support hosting with 250mb storage and 5GB of bandwidth a month. Easy panel with one click wordpress install. If you're more of a beginner and need the assurance of support then this option is great. 3. Nearly Free Speech. https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ Pay for what you use. Its the most transparent web host because you only pay for the storage/bandwidth that you use. I've run my blog for about $12-$15 a year with this host and the nice thing about it is if your site grows you don't have bandwidth or storage limitations. You have to pay extra for support tickets, and its a bit more technical compared to the other hosts because there are no easy panels, but its the fairest host. Good luck.
  8. I thought this thread was going to be about the now horrendous site. I went there just two days ago and every time I try to click something it automatically opens up the page for the ad. Either they've coded it horribly or they're doing it on purpose for people to click the ads. Its awful and using the drop down menus to find cars is slow. No doubt a lot of people check the site and you get good exposure, but man, using the site is a chore.
  9. Hey if you're looking for a ultra wide angle on a budget I can recommend the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6. I bought it last year and enjoy it. Its really good for the price and I've loved all the photos I've taken with it.
  10. Okay you do have more experience. That's a given. I never ever said that. My point was the PR can be just as effective and viable as traditional advertising. My example was just an example of the viability of PR over advertising in certain situations. Even though you are utilizing the ad hominem/strawman fallacy and making it personal, I don't mind answering the question. I work as a creative and don't get into the business aspects of my clients, but I do constantly give suggestions and work on proactive ideas, even outside of my job duties. Whether or not they utilize those ideas are up to the clients, but you can beat on me constantly trying to give ideas for improvement! Same answer as above. I didn't mean to come off as hostile or anything, though I can see how the way I typed can be interpreted as that. Anyways, my main point is that PR can be just as viable, and no I never said or meant that people are not advertising and just switching to PR, but merely that PR is just as effective, and most of the time when its combined with advertising you see the best results.
  11. Agreed that it is difficult to blog in Kuwait if you're the one who has to write the posts, but its much easier when the company writes the posts for you and you copy paste them. Don't know where you're getting your info from, but a lot of bloggers get contracts with companies who pay them on a salary basis to make a certain amount of posts about them every month, not to mention getting paid to post pictures to instagram or to tweet something. Again, I know someone personally and I got that the 1500-3000kd month quote from them. Maybe they were exaggerating? I don't know, but the brand new Porsche 911 they bought does seem beautiful. Exactly. They know younger audiences read blogs more so instead of taking an ad in an newspaper or on billboard they pay a blogger to post about it, or they invite them to a free dinner for some PR coverage. Quite honestly I'm confused by your position on this. Either it be ignorance or you're trying to cover up, the fact remains that this is a PR 101 lesson. The whole basis of PR is built upon the principle of getting media coverage with as little usage of money as possible, which is most easily achieved by giving away free things or letting influential people come to events for free. Then a blogger/influencer posts about it and there is more trust in it because consumers trust the opinion of bloggers more and believe then more compared to a billboard ad. I mean, if that's not true then my entire education on mass communications is a lie and my real world experience working at local PR companies where I saw these practices first hand is a lie too, but I don't think so. All those hours I put into watching facebook and instagram page followers increase, comparing effectiveness of paid ads and blog posts and realizing that they were both as effective but one cost 100,000kd and the other cost nothing.. must've been a lie right? Maybe it isn't as much exposure as paying for a billboard, but to say it is hilarious that it can't be as effective is downright silly.
  12. It's not a misconception. You can make great money as a blogger in Kuwait with minimal effort. You can live entirely off of blogging comfortably while receiving tons of free invitations to openings, new product launches, new restaurants, free dinners, trips to other countries and lots of free gifts. What I mean by great money is about 1500-3000 KD a month, depending on the amount of ads you have on the site (and I've heard these figures from some personal friends who are bloggers). What I mean by little effort is that lots of times companies will send you already written posts, and all the blogger has to do is copy paste it and post it. Its not just blogging either, people get paid to make posts on Facebook and to post pictures on Instagram. There's some bloggers that even pay a second company to manage all the advertising on their website, because you know, copy pasting the code and link in the widgets area of a wordpress theme is too complicated for them. You have to consider the business side. Should a business pay tons of cash for an ad company to create an ad campaign and then pay tons of cash to post it in newspapers and on billboards for a grand total of 150,000 KD, but instead, they could just have someone write up a blog post and send it to a blogger to post for free? Or even invite a blogger to have one single dinner that costs them next to nothing. Consumers trust bloggers more in the sense that they feel like they're more genuine compared to traditional ads. People believe that in Kuwait, but unfortunately its completely not the case. They are just shills, usually under contract, who post whatever the companies tell them to. Thankfully, Mark posts genuinely and that's why I always read his blog and take part in the forums on his site.
  13. I'm sorry but I didn't understand you. To reiterate my point, all currencies can be used to purchase illegal products and its fallacious to say its the only thing you can do with bitcoin. Yes bitcoin is currently unstable. If you give it time and wait for widespread adoption it should stabilize.
  14. 1. This is incorrect. Over 9,000 reputable businesses accept bitcoin as payments and everyday its growing by the 100s: https://kw.spendbitcoins.com/ 2. You can purchase the same things with regular money, so I don't even understand how that's an argument against bitcoin. Its true that many illegal things can be purchase with bitcoin and thats because it can be sent and received anonymously, but that doesn't mean its only used for those things. Check the link above and please don't spread this silliness. When it comes to mining litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, you will lose money due to electricity usage costs and you can only make any money mining if you have a huge (I mean multi-room) server consonantly mining, and even if you did you'd still probably not make much money because the price if bitcoin changes frequently and quickly. It's not stable at the moment, and probably won't be for a very long time.
  15. Wow you're very late to the game. Using a single computer to try to mine would take about 100 years to get a single bitcoin, and thats according to how it would take now and it can change tomorrow. Mining only makes sense if you can afford huge server rooms, and even then you'd lose quite a bit of money in terms of electricity costs. Check out this handy bitcoin mining calculator: http://www.bitcoinx.com/profit/ I personally didn't bother with the mining and directly purchased bitcoins. I've since sold them and made a killer profit. You may want to consider dogecoin http://dogecoin.com/. It's younger than bitcoin so it may be easier to mine, but not really by much. Its also getting a lot of tracition in the news thanks to the dogecoin NASCAR sponsored racer, but based on charts its still dependent on the price of bitcoin. Have fun.