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  1. Yeah, even I don't get this. The OP had no aggressiveness whatsoever. He was mentioning the ordeal he faced and warning others. Which is much appreciated. Even without knowing what a special order is, Surrey immediately deemed him a "special case". Well, judging by this post , it is plain who the special case is. Jezzzz........
  2. There is plenty of brown rice available. But brown basmati rice might be rare. But I would be really surprised if you don't find it in the lulu at shuwaikh.
  3. Wow, have to try real hard to get one , eh? Good strategy nevertheless.... Meanwhile, awaiting your comment on the phone's performance, battery life etc
  4. Ohh. On their website in the how to buy section they have written to "ask someone who has bought a OnePlus phone for an invite. Anyone who purchases a OnePlus One will receive invites to give out to friends and family". That's why i asked.....
  5. Can you send me an invite ?
  6. The earlier spot -what people want to sell- was one of my favorite webpage. Even if I don't buy anything, just to go through the postings was informative and fun. Comments below an item put on sale will tell the latest development in that particular product range, its current market selling price and also at the end we get a feel of what is its maximum resale value. Couple that up with the few occasional banters and it was fun reading. Also you get an insight into the products as to what to look for/ask for, while buying used. I just wish Mark would bring back that feature to put comments in the posting itself and have a live conversation. Now whenever I visit classified I get the feeling of desolation as if you reached a spot that is cent percent deserted. Is it just me???
  7. Ouch! Thats a very unfortunate situation to be at. Disobey your sponsor and face the repercussion or obey him and get royally screwed. The sponsor should have atleast shown the chivalry of showing up at the police station and try to save his obedient worker. Well, bourgeois masters and poor working class... When will these guys ever "get" what Marx wrote. Don't ever trust them, understand the fact that they will not lose a second of their sleep over your problems. But true to working class standards their brain evade them when they most need it.
  8. Great to hear that you escaped from paying that. I had previously posted (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28217) here about their charges for removing the jumper which they charged me. When I asked them, they told me this is MOC charges and they have to pay MOC. I too moved to KEMS and KEMS told me then that they have never heard of such MOC rates. But after giving me the rounds for more than a month I just wanted to get my new connection and ended up paying Qnet. The ordeals I faced are mentioned in the above link. Its not about the money actually. It is the fact that "you got duped" that hurts . The guys in their office and their customer service personnel on the phone all mentioned about the jumper removal fees, that I thought that maybe this fees exist, even though not mentioned on the contract. Now that no one else charges them including Qnet in your case, it is plain and clear that the charges are not MOC related.
  9. Has the official update rolled out yet for ME?
  10. All I can offer you is my two cents by narrating to you real life experiences. Since you are an engineer, you must have seen all those riggers, welders, scaffolders , construction workers etc out there at site. If you talk to anyone of them you will find out that they have paid between 1000 - 1300 Kd to get that job for a salary of 80- 90 KD. Most of them has taken loans at high interest rates and literally sold or pawned everything they have. With the earning they make it would seem highly impossible that they can clear off these loans, pay for their families monthly expenses and then save something. When will they ever go back home, when the ticket costs almost 1 and half month of their pay? But guess what, when you fast forward 10 -15 years, you would see not only have they cared for their family, he has managed to build himself a decent home and buy a property that is earning him monthly income. How do they do it? It happens. During these 10 years , there was a lot of over time that gave him extra income, salary hike for the lucky few. And some of them are today small, medium and even big business owners. And some of them are still at their old job with a 10 KD hike toiling away in their effort to make a living. But everyone managed. So , this country which has provided opportunities to thousands of outside people , who has helped realise the dreams of so many people, will not turn her back on you- her own son. Have faith. have faith in yourself, the people around you and the land you live in and go out there and take that bank loan (with ridiculous interest)and get your Phd. What will happen tomorrow is for tomorrow to worry.
  11. Surrey - I m confused. Where did you get the student loan from? and what country are you referring to as urs? ========================================== well the key thing to note on Rehab's statement is the fact that they pledged their property! Most of expatriate students (Indians etc) like Rehab completes their education with the help of their parent's finance or SAVING. And education is not cheap in India either. The capitation or entrance fees alone for MBBS is 26,000 - 27,000 KD. Then there is the yearly fees and living expenses. All this is supported by the parents whose average collective(both party) monthly salary is between 650-800 KD! A life time worth of earnings and savings go into their children's education and aspiration. All these "money making machines" as you called them, try to save every single penny possible inorder to do this. And the fact is, they hedge it almost completely on their child. There is a big risk that the child might just end up squandering everything and dropping out. But yet, they do it. That is unconditional love. Can't thank them enough. The bottom line is the country or the bank only starts to assist when the party in need puts all their chips on the table. Are you 100% sure that you are not able to afford this education or your parents or siblings are not able to support you in this matter? Because once you complete it, which you are sure you will, then you can earn back everything you have put for it.
  12. Well, if you need to get rid of them you need to pay them!. They apparently charge 15 KD for removing the jumper? Their installation charges are only 5 KD? I don't think these info's are there on the fine print. Its like you use their paid service had enough with them want to move on, but wait, you can't do that without their permission and you need to pay them for that too.... Why can't a simple pre-paid contract remain a pre-paid one.
  13. KEMS charges 5 KD for installation. Gulf net claims free modem and no installation fee.
  14. yup, that's what they say "upto" ARE YOU SUREEEEEEEE?! Seriously I don't want to miss out on this deal :c If you can tell me how to upload an image here, I will put up their flyer.