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  1. and no, there won't be another reincarnation of myself next week in this forum. @Mark, ban, delete, whatever you wish to do with my username from your database, if you please? Thanks.
  2. 7 out of 10 topics is started by goker aka warrior
  3. which mail? didn't receive any again, your CSS above is linked to a specific file from your panel. so either you link to the same file, or export the CSS to your 'other' page (wherever it might be).
  4. replicate, WHERE? if it's on the same 'server', then simply copying the part of your code can do that, or ref directly to your css file or @import "Mycssfile.css"; i'm sure others will have a better idea than this, but without a net panel access (no, i'm not asking for one) then it's a blind 'procedure' to suggest things since we don't actually know how you setup your css codes.
  5. I really think Mark should implement stricter membership applications/logins
  6. lol... there's this saying: when it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck.... then it must be a duck
  7. ahhhhh.... the smell of Turkish coffee......
  8. by the way i am not internet generation fella.i was 18 when i first met would call kiddos who had internet at the age of 6, an internet generation.see? nobody actually knows when you "met" the internet. maybe if you mentioned "I was 18 when the internet boom started (mid 90's) then we can say that you may NOT be an 'internet generation fella'.
  9. Average should be KD 300/- that's for "old" tenants. new building opened up near my street, 330kd + electricity, maybe 6 cars can fit in the "parking" spot at the front of the building. the building i'm staying at, 320kd including all the utility bills.
  10. i'm not sure about this also, but i thought the rent law states that the owner can increase up to 50% of the first rent value/cost WITHIN the 5 year period. that's why a lot of people have been 'surprised' after their 5th year rent anniv (50-80kd rent increase) compared to the 5-10kd yearly increase?
  11. self explanatory: take the time to read as it answers all of your questions
  12. to make it easier for you to "hunt", go through your preferred area at sundown because you will mostly see the empty flats fully lit, no curtains. saves a lot of time getting off the car, looking for the harris, only to be told there's no vacancy.
  13. if you have enough money/wasta, go ahead.
  14. going rate in maidan hawally is 330kd, electricity not included. you'll be very lucky indeed to find 300kd (older buildings, maybe?)
  15. The 'duration' if not mentioned gets extended everytime you pay your 'monthly' rent. as for the 5-year clause, that can serve as a basis for you to complain/resist any rent increase. I think Fajer has a thorough discussion on this on the main blog.