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  1. Hi Nexus 85 

    just wanted to know whats the request letter for PCC kuwait. is it available at Dajeej or i need to write one on my own. please clarify. if i need to write on my own then whats the format, all in english or both english and arabic. 



  2. This just might be the most depressing post of all time
  3. Hey 248AM, Is there any sort of event happening in Kuwait for New Years this time around? Fireworks at Kuwait Towers? Something? Anything?
  5. Here you go!
  6. @Surrey : I just found the Iftar buffet post. @Mark : Lol.. There were no pancakes as far as I remember... You got your standard spread of fruits, salads, breads, pastries and dessert fare. The headliner for me was the saj wraps and omlettes they were making any way you want. And their bread pudding type dessert was to die for...
  7. I recently had a really good experience at this place called "The Roof" in Shaab. Crazy breakfast buffet at only 3 bucks/person.... Amazing food and service as well.... Anybody knows any other buffet places(for breakfast or otherwise) at 5 KD or less per person? And good too!!! Suggestions pls!
  8. Lollipop! So cant wait... Been using smart launcer with kovdev's Audax icon pack across all my Android devices.. Think I will actually stick to the stock launcher once Lollipop gets out... It looks epic!
  9. Since I posted this I have tried to look for it and couldnt find it at Ace, Decathlon, Sportsman or any other of the sports shops.. Cant use a punching bag cos I need the grips to hold it in various positions... Will look at Muthana and Al-Watiya during Eid!
  10. I got it done! Thanks so much blarneyBOB!
  11. I am guessing you can easily do this with Nova launcher.. Just choose the option to hide the dock. After that you can choose expanded desktop in the Display setting and the status bar should go away too... After that its just a matter of positioning the icons and getting the wallpaper... Hope that helps!
  12. Hey fellow 248AM'ers, Got a quick question. Anyone know the timing of the Criminal Evidence Department in Dajeej? Any chance they might be open in the evening?
  13. Nope... Super early with popcorn in hand... My sis saw it in KNCC and that scene was there... That was the other perplexing thing.. I was under the impression that all theaters had the same copy, but it seems like Grand and KNCC have different versions... Grand version was considerably more butchered
  14. Perhaps us saw it in KNCC? I saw it in Grand and it was an epic fail.. Easily more than 8 scenes cut... You know the part in the trailer when Chris Pratt introduces himself as Starlord? Even that was friggin cut!!! It was pretty bad IMO
  15. I went to Grand to watch Guardians of the Galaxy sometime back and was sooooooooo pissed off... I felt that the censoring was over the top and the movie was almost unwatchable as a result... My MO usually before going to watch any movie in the theater is to first check the Parental Advisory on IMDB and approximate how much of the movie will be chopped out... For Guardians it seemed like it wouldnt be too bad ( Well.. Until I saw it atleast :/ I am sure many of you all have even given up watching movies in the theaters altogether due to the totally nonsensical approach taking to censoring and just wait for a good print to come out on the net... I for one know that I wont be watching a movie in the theater anytime soon... What about you? Take the poll!