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  1. For Palestinians with an Egyptian travel document, things are NOT fun. I know that Malaysia, Thailand, Seychelles, India, and Egypt all allow them in for tourism. Also Turkey, but that's a horrible country in my opinion.
  2. Aramex was never better, than anyone at anything, ever. But postaminus is becoming almost as shitty. Its direct mail or Borderlinx for me from now on.
  3. I'm thinking its actually better to look harder for direct shipping to Kuwait. Its much faster than any reshipping and can be very reasonably priced. Maybe that could also be a useful topic for a blog post. Sites that ship directly to Kuwait fast and cheap.
  4. Good for you. I'm still stuck waiting with no updates. I can't wait to get my shipment and cancel my account with them. Why would an item take almost a month to reach from mailbox to my hands.
  5. SO angry! Still haven't received my stuff. I called now and the idiot on the other end said 'hopefully this week'. When I asked why the plane has departed the US 8 days ago and still hasn't landed in Kuwait she couldn't answer. I HATE THIS!
  6. Items stay in the mailbox for 2 weeks and then ship, using what seems to be an actual ship. Why does it take 6 days from departing US to reaching Kuwait. Customs adds another 24hrs (they are actually the fastest part of the whole process). This is unacceptable. Why does everything here have to go downhill. I remember a year ago when it took less than a week from US mailbox to my hands here in Kuwait.
  7. brazil nut

    Nope, but I know where to find Kuwait nuts in Brazil.
  8. Get yourself a free one way ticket and quick easy cancelling of the iqama by driving without a license.
  9. OK cool.. I'll go make some popcorn in the microwave...
  10. You mean Kuwait? The bank manager in question is a Kuwaiti woman.
  11. Galaxy S7 on Zain got VoLTE with the icon on top and HD calling and all the good stuff. Had it for about 6 months now. I haven't really noticed much of an improvement with HD calls, still sound great like the non HD calls. But I do love having the LTE internet work while on a call, which is the main benefit of VoLTE for me.
  12. Its crap in Mangaf, its crap in Salmiya, its crap in Sharq, its crap in Ahmadi. Ever since the land cable with Saudi was cut the internet has been crap all over Kuwait. I'm surprised more people aren't complaining. Add to that Netflix and Shahid and you have a horrible nightmare network like it used to be in 2004.
  13. What are the best locally available batteries? Surprisingly the brown LG 20A HG2 which comes for free with any mod is highly rated by Mooch.
  14. Mangaf used to get 40+Mb/s with zain last year. Now its absolute garbage. I hate ZAIN. Do you know if VIVA is better? Ooredoo is garbage too from everything i hear.
  15. What if I don't want to use thinner or nail polish remover. Where can I find isopropyl alcohol. It has a lot of medical needs, so i'm sure its available.