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  1. Sorry 4 late reply If you are going from city towards city center on road 80, you will need to take road 55 turn off 80. As soon as you pass the 1st signal, you will turn right, you will see a Chevrolet dealership, next to this is Payless Electronics
  2. Brand new 180KD, black, 32GB in box with 1 yr warranty was there an hour ago
  3. I know what you mean...the crappy characters...made me re watch the movie with my son again just to find the scene with them...then i bought him 75 so far from the Cars 1 Movie and 3 from the cars 2 movie. I bought them in bulk from amazon for prices averaging 1-3KD each. The movie moments range is the best (like2-3 cars in each pack) Goodluck
  4. Hi My son is a fan so i ordered all the cars character cars of Amazon. But i did manage to find some limited edition ones at Fantasy in Avenues mall and the rest at Toys R Us in 360 Mall. Goodluck
  5. I traveled to Riyadh recently. Airport security found my USB hard drive and wanted to scan and check contents...They didnt bother with the laptop....I had told them that the drive was to be used for a company presentation and I needed it urgently ( cos they wanted to keep it for a day or 2). anyway the drive and its contents was encrypted and password protected so i wasnt bothered. Just be careful
  6. Hi guys I have just been to the avenues, go to the apple store and check out the Dr Dre beats studio/solo/solo hd headphone range, prices were crazy low compared to alghanim electronics (next door). I go to Alghanim and their prices are like 40 KD more, then the sales guy from Alghanim says that apple store is selling all fakes, he points out the differences : 1. No hologram logo on fake box 2. 1 year warranty printed on fake box, 3 year on original 3. Color difference on headphones 4. Font size and TM logo missing on fake ones So i leave there in dis belief, I go online and verified all this on youtube. HOW CAN AN APPLE STORE IN KUWAIT SELL FAKE STUFF Anyone buy these headphones from the APPLE STORE or purchase from the forum ? Comments please
  7. Hi, where in Kuwait can I get MuscleTech Hydroxycut and Cell tech products ? Has anyone tried importing them ? Thanx in advance
  8. Go check out payless electronics, 75 KD for a Ps3
  9. Thanx for the info, managed to find a couple of places
  10. New/kool series 1. The Event 2. No Ordinary Family 3. Supernatural Season 6 4. Smallville Season 10 (Final) 5. Sh!t my dad says 6. Detroit 1-8-7
  11. Hi Does any one know of Charities / Organizations or People in poverty, I would like to donate some blankets, heaters, food items prior to the cold winter we are expecting . Thank you
  12. Hi guys I passed by Payless electronics yesterday, bought 2x Ipod Nano's 4th Gen 16GB for 25KD Each and also got a cover free. Headphones/USB included Good price ! There were a couple of 160GB versions as well for 79KD Location Near city center ( I think road were road 80 and 55 intersect ) Anyway i can give directions if anyone needs it Later
  13. Since you are buying many as gifts, Just wait for the perfume and watch fair in Mishref Fair Grounds, happens like twice a year. Not sure whens the next one, just search fo it online.
  14. Given the high volatility of Pakistan for example, would you invest in a 10-Year bond? Remember one wouldn't want to invest in something that risky, as i said i had great insight from an analyst into my own country's stability and ability to sustain its GDP and economic ties with the other neighboring countries to ensure a steady and and gradual growth. Please seek advice from a certified analyst from your home country for best investment options.