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  1. Thanks, i will pay him a visit
  2. I need to find a work shop to fix an old radio from 1940's
  3. or email
  4. Needs an Imac with 2 GB Vga contact me whatsapp 98001444
  5. Im looking for someone who can make an application for ios and android. contact me if you have the knowledge. 98001444
  6. I have a used one . if you are interested !
  7. Thank you Salue, i hope more can participate
  8. And i repeat my question, are there any good kuwaity alternative sell and buy arabic site ?
  9. I agree that you classified section here is more organized and constructed good. But how many sellers and buyers in Kuwait deal in English! Most of the population looks for Arabic site which is easier for anyone to write and post even in Kuwaiti words. I think yours section mark is more oriented toward expatriates (English Speaking expatriates to be more specific. I also agree that is slowwwwwww and ugly that’s why I hate it. The magic with mazadq8 was the easy platform that everyone know how to deal with which is the forum style and it was in Arabic. Last, the name MazadQ8 says it all. It’s a mazad for Kuwait items. You search google and when you see the name it explains the site.
  10. The public discusison is very usefull to know info you didnt ask for and didnt know related. Buyers and sellers seeks Info. thats why we dont go to hawwalli. thats what made the buy and sell section successeful and that was the secret of MazadQ8. what makes it annoying is that i cant find an alternative site in Kuwait. I tryed to contact MazadQ8 Site owners with no luck !
  11. I have been using 248am forum to buy and sell stuf since 2006. It was my daily site to visit every day. than Mark decided to transfer it to something else where you cant have a disscussion about the items on display. why ? i dont know ! My other site the i used every day to buy and sell stuff is wich was great and you can really enjoy browsing daily and find strange stuff. Than suddenly the site is gone and now its a freak site where did Mazadq8 go and why 4sale is better? i dont understant ! what is happening? i have been trying to find an alternative with no luck. Are there any good sell and buy kuwaity forums that i dont know about ?
  12. I need an English teacher for my kids at home. we are a kuwaiti family with 4 kids from 7 years old to 16 years old. None Arabic teachers prefered. contact 98001444
  13. I have one. Like new. HP. I dont remember the specs. I have it at home. Whatsapp me on 98001444
  14. Used or new or where to buy from in kuwait ship in a bottle