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  1. Hi all, Kuwait Mobile carriers still provides 3G for voice communication. Will there be any future upgrade from Kuwait mobile carriers to provide voice over LTE?
  2. It should be 1234 but it does not work with my number.
  3. I tried contacting Ooredoo customer care, but they do not know what is call barring. Instead they provided me with a code for canceling all call barring which is ##002#. I am looking for the call barring code for blocking incoming/outgoing SMS, for Zain carrier the call barring code is 0000. For Zain when you dial *35*0000*16# you can block incoming SMS.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know the call barring pin code for Ooredoo? Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you, I will contact the cable guy
  6. Hi all, I am looking for good company that can do network wiring inside a home. I am planning to to have cat6 cable installed in every room. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can buy a sunglasses visor clip? Thank you,
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where to find Asus laptops? I am looking for any of these models: ASUS A53E-AS52 15.6-Inch Laptop ASUS N53SM-ES72 15.6-Inch Laptop Asus Zenbook UX31E Thanks
  9. We are looking to hire a technical support person in Information Technology for Investment Company. Requirement: - Must be a Kuwaiti national. - Must have a Bachelor's degree. - Must have original CompTIA A+ Certificate. - Must have at least 2 years of work experience in IT field. - Must be expert in computer troubleshooting. - Must know how to administer a Blackberry Enterprise Server. - Must have extensive knowledge about Microsoft products, such as Exchange, Windows 7 and Office 2007 etc... Please submit your resume to the following email address and will contact you shortly: Good luck Sam,
  10. Hi, Is there any good company that can do inside wiring for a Satellite/TV cable? I just do not like to have the Window drilled from the outside to allow the satellite cable connect to the receiver. Thanks,
  11. BiPAC 7800N ADSL modem/router is the best but too bad its not available here in Kuwait. You can order it from UAE for 382 AED..
  12. Hi, Where is the best place in Kuwait to go for a buggy ride? I like to rent a buggy for me and for my girl friend Thank you,
  13. Hi, Does anyone know a good company that can do CMS web design using Droopal or Joomla? A company with good support. Thank you,
  14. Please be aware of service: Do not buy from Kuwait-mall, they don't return your money back... It is a scam service, just another way to steal money from people. I advice all to issue a complain to the Kuwait Consumer Protection, in order to take down the scam website.