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  1. I would suggest using TNT express they are quite cheap and their speed is DHL like
  2. Link your bank account to your PayPal and withdraw it to your bank account.
  3. I made an order and this is what the tracking says now,the tracking number is CJ507734234US. What do I do now? Where do I pickup my package from?
  4. These two posts by Mark might help you http://248am.com/mark/personal/my-wheels-are-here/ http://248am.com/mark/personal/tirerack-com/
  5. regarding black magic cameras: http://248am.com/tag/blackmagic/ and also AAB world is the exclusive distributor in Kuwait for those cameras,so have a look.
  6. they will deliver it to your given address
  7. I'm planning to sell a pair of shoes online via eBAY online.What would be the most feasible solution to send something?It weighs around 1.5kgs and I want it to reach safe.
  8. If it is sold and fulfilled by amazon then you will get it via Aramex and they deliver it to your house address in 5-10 days and you do not pay anything extra no customs fees or whatsoever they take care of everything.BUT they do collect a import deposit which they will refund if the customs did not charge customs on your package.Otherwise you might have to use a mail-forwarder,
  9. i have like 4 pairs of these I coped two from kuwait and my buddy is bringing 2 from London anyone intrested in buying one? I have a size 11 US up for sale now
  10. its called micro socks or lining socks.
  11. I've used myUS for shipping a lot of supplements they shipped via FEDEX got my package in three days no issues but I had to pay customs 5% of bill amount plus one KD for stamp and another KD for handling.
  12. hahahahha good stuff bro,I haven't seen much people in Kuwait with a good taste in sneakers,even the stores here don't carry much of the stuff.Good to see people with some good sneakers. p.s.: Those black ones are fresh.
  13. I'm a shit photographer so I'll just steal some pictures of the internet LOL
  14. Wont you be having trouble with the righthand/lefthand side?