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  1. Hello, can someone direct me to a shop that sells supplements for decent prices? I felt like I was going to get ripped off when I checked a few shops here(Wawan oxygen etc)
  2. Hello, Anyone has a used gtx 970 for sale? I'm interested in one. ( will buy for 50 kd)
  3. hey guys, anyone know if they sell it here locally? how much does it cost?
  4. Hello, any idea where I can get one in Kuwait? Is it available in rehab?
  5. If you read correctly, I wrote friends, as in multiple of friends, each had his own pet and all of them went to this same vet, my friend who owns a dog stopped taking his pet there after she hurt him while trimming his nails. the other 3 weren't so lucky, she killed their pets that's my point. I made this thread to warn people not to take their pets to that lady.
  6. Hello, I want to complain and warn everyone here that the egyptian female vet killed a couple of my friends pets, 4 friends of mine had a bird,dog,cat and hamster, she killed 3 of them and injured the dog while trimming his nails, the bird had a condition where it would pluck its own toes off so my friend went to that specific vet and she gave the bird a shot and few days later it died, same thing with the hamster, the cat was not feeling alright and it didn't eat or drink, it sat in the same place the whole day, my friend took her to that same vet and after 3 days of 1 shot per day, the cat today has died and my friend is really sad it's only barely 6 months old it was still young and very beautiful. So I made this thread to advice you guys DO NOT GO THERE as she is a pet killer !! If it was only 1 pet i would have said it might have been a coincidence but 3 pets killed + 1 injured by the same vet?!?!? This is very bad ! So please be kind to your pets and do not take them there, she will kill them as she seems very incompetent.
  7. Hello I want to buy AC4 used on PS4, for 9 kd if possible, also i hope the seller has a car because i don't "@u@ Contact me on whatsapp 99939016. Thank u
  8. filled with sperm
  9. big ass booty
  10. roxas did you try giving it back to the warranty company? i am pretty sure you have a defective unit
  11. Thank you for the replies guys, I guess I'll buy it and BAJS I agree with you about the samsung lag and stutter, it's so horrible touchwiz is beyond horrid, it's not android it's the damn touchwiz
  12. gangnam style dancing
  13. Hello guys, I have been using multiple phones for the past few years(iPhone 3GS/4/5, Samsung S2/S3/Note2) I am currently using an S3 and it's been really screwed up it crashes all the time and freezes, so I have been looking into getting a new phone and found this beautiful phone, my friend has had one for maybe 5 months and it's just perfect, it's fast responsive and looks very good, however I would like to hear more opinions on people who have used it, and recommendations. TY!
  14. both of u guys are butthurt lololol
  15. I'm switching because of SHITTY performance i'm getting in games, stuttering issues etc. I've read people complain with a 7970 claim having stuttering issues in games like BF3 etc in OCN. and PHYSX is a nice bonus