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  1. There are every now and then offers to buy 4 tires for the price of 3. Can anyone recommend which dealers/brands of tires are presenting those offers and when do they usually occur?
  2. any qnet users with some feedback?
  3. how good is that nitro option? what are the measured speeds by some of the users?
  4. How would you compare Carrefour, Geant, LuLu and Coops in terms of cost?
  5. Hey everybody, With annual inflation taking a toll on almost everything, it is important to watch our daily expenditures. Could you recommend your cheapest places for buying groceries? Thanks
  6. Where could one find the best choice of accessories for Samsung Tablets? Specifically a cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1".. All the known shops like Eureka, Xcite, Geant, Carrefour have very limited choices. Any recommendation in Hawalli, Ibn Khaldun Street?
  7. Could you please expand on that? How does the choice of apps in the App Store for example compare with the Android apps of the Nexus 7 for the Middle East? Check this post as reference: ... trictions/ Thanks
  8. Anyone with feedback on the Nexus 7 tablet? Are there limitations for users in the Middle East on the type of apps they can download and use? What are the tablet's pros and cons.. Thanks
  9. Okay, another issue is the comparison between Ipad Mini and Samsung Galaxy 7.7 for playing movies. Which is better in this regard? Can the Ipad Mini play any kind of movies and in the same quality as Galaxy 7.7
  10. Android 2.3 is gingerbread, no?
  11. The Samsung Galaxy 7.7 is selling for 109 KD at Geant, does anyone have experience using this device? What are the pros/cons and recommendations? Specs: 1.4 GHZ Dual Core Android 3.2 16 GB Storage Thanks
  12. Anyone know where's the best local availability of accessories for Mini Ipad, such as screen cover, case cover, etc.. Thanks
  13. Anyone know which product(s) to use in order to clean/shine the outer black plastic components of a car? Specifically the outer side steps. Thanks
  14. any advice? thanks
  15. As many of you know, the Honda dealership is currently shifting from Al Mutawa & Kazi to Al Ghanim. The people at Al Ghanim stated that it won't be before a month or so that they'd be ready to receive Honda cars for service. On the other hand, Al Mutawa & Kazi have stopped their operations. Anyone know what can be done in such a situation? Should one just head to any oil change shop (banshar and co) or is there any better alternative? Thanks for your feedback.