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  1. As I said before, today will be able to view Doctor Who 50th anniversary movie LIVE, which means all you need is to do settings and choose 3D or 2D, and make your preparations! I'm not quit sure how, but they announce it will be on both 3D and 2D and I'm guessing by settings on youtube or either have two streams for two youtubes, well all we will see soon as clock is ticking counting down to most important point of history of the Time Lords as well as Universe. Enjoy it will be on 10:50 GMT+3 Kuwait time
  2. My psn is based on America, and it works fine for me, try making new psn for canada or america and see if u can login.
  3. The andriod version from unofficial release got stopped, while the iphone still works version, so who got it can use BBM.
  4. Any BBM that activates in kuwaiti "phones company", however I don't think you'll connect to their server if you have VPN you can't be considered from Kuwait, wouldn't that works?
  5. it's now avaiable for New Zealand and UAE and other parts of world for App Store for Iphone, the new zealand was first to be available ad gotten 36 million, known there is only 8 million in New Zealand from the claims. I have alreadt installed the unofficial release for android, and btw company name is BlackBerry Limited, so if you go to google store you'll find it there, over 8 million downloaded the unofficial release as RIM claims. they postpone android official release for another 9 hours according to their countdown site and here is the source
  6. I've watch the new show doctor then go to watch the old one.
  7. Doctor who references in other shows, names like DoctorWho or Tardis or doctor himself or name of companion like "Amy Pond" in supernatural, or Daleks or other villains Big Bang Theory House, MD. Futurama Family guy SuperNatural Levarage Simpsons NCIS Cummonity South PArk or video games like Kingdom hearts Mass Effect II (When he make sarcastic reference for Doctor and companions) MDK 2 Some say in every tv show there is a references for DoctorWho
  8. On 23th of november it will be prodcast to 100 million viewers on 3D, the movie will have The tenth Doctor and the eleventh doctor as well as John Hurt an actor (known from Alien) will be The Doctor as well. The anniversary is based on TV show going for 50 years, there are the classic and the new Doctor who, the classic contain 26 season and 720 episode which stopped at 1989 and started at 1963, the new show has 7 seasons and started from 2005 up until now. It is British TV show, the classic has intellect, but the newer one has huge big bangs and actions.
  9. already above lv60 in the game even made test video ^^
  10. no specific music?
  11. So, what is your top10 video games original sound track!?
  12. I want first generation for reading books, wifi is good for me. PM me with your price.
  13. Freezone ftw
  14. I was told by Fasttelco guy that it is rerouting to get less ping, which you can get same method of VPN. I have subscribed to it is same method of GamePal, but costs 9$ a month.
  15. can you Ping this ip by using Gamepal gaming Service: ? I would like to know the ping ms.