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  1. Old but I would consider Kuwait times a reliable source of information and was hoping others were as curious about these laws as I am.
  2. http://news.kuwaittimes.net/expat-ownership/
  3. Where would I find healthy foods like Greek yogurt and fresh meats and veggies in Kuwait? I also don't want to pay 1 kd for a small bowl of Chobani yogurt. It costs about $1.25 in the states.
  4. Would shipping supplements from other countries be an issue? Why aren't we seeing more food distribution companies selling protein powders and other supplements through supermarkets?
  5. I've heard a lot of some new laws that allow expats to purchase land/villas upto 1000 sq meters in Kuwait. I was wondering whether anybody could point me in the right direction to find some more info about the subject. To be more specific, an estate agent who would be able to tell me which areas I am allowed to buy land in, the approximate cost of buying a readymade villa or land and other relevant information. Also, Is it true that only Arab expats can buy property in Kuwait? or is it open to indians as well? Thanks.
  6. Im sorry did you mean football in Kuwait?
  7. Im looking for the book mentioned in the title, used or new. Please leave a comment below with your price if you are interested in selling. Thanks.
  8. Im considering summer school at AUK. they charge around 175/ credit hour and there is no minimum, so im going to enroll in a 2 credit class and get a document from the office of registrar which states that i am a student at AUK. From what i hear, once that is done, i go to some building in hawally to obtain my istimara, and its the normal procedure from there on. Has anyone tried that? any advice?
  9. As a non kuwaiti resident, how can i obtain a driving license in Kuwait? I go to university in America, and the only way to do it as of now would be cancelling my residence and using my american driving license to obtain an international one and use it here on a visit visa.
  10. loyac
  11. fifa 10 mw2 and GT prologue 2 i think
  12. i have one, barely used 5 times 120 gb i think let me know if youre interested. comes with a 4-5 games as well and 2 controllers and a carrying case
  13. So i have an iphone 4, it was running on 4.2.1, and i had jailbroken it using redsn0w. I wanted to erase everything, so i went into settings, and clicked on the red button that says 'erase contents" and it showed the apple boot page, with the loading bar, after it completed, the iphone was just stuck on the redsnow skull/apple thing bootpage. when i googled the issue, i found out that alot of people had mistakenly done the same, tried to erase all content on a jailbroken device. so i tried the usual, put it in DFU mode, and tried restoring through itunes, tried updating it, downloded the soft ware but when it came to the restoring pricess, it said " The iphone could not be restored, this device isn't eligible for the required build" i have no clue what to do, called digits, taking it in tomorrow, but is there anything i can do? anyone encountered the same problem? is it fixable? thanks, and any help would be appreciated.
  14. just out of curiosity, may i ask what you find "gayish" about a Ferrari?