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  1. Thanks guys
  2. How did you visit their site, Surrey? I visit their site using chrome and all i get is the "webpage not available" message. Is there any alternative to Netflix that is available in Kuwait. Don't suggest Hulu .. :/
  3. So i want to signup for netflix and everytime i go visit their website it takes a while to load and then gives me the "webpage not available" message but using a proxy allows me to view the website .. so is this website available in kuwait? if yes how do it view it normally ? Also how can i get the iphone app for it?
  4. So should i go for the Seagate that I mentioned above? or should I start looking at some WD harddrrives? any ones in particular? and i still dont get the colour difference? red and black what is that got to do?
  5. So the most awful thing happened to me last night. My external Desktop Buffalo HDD died. Well i still got to check it could be either the USB cord or the power supply cord which i might need to get replaced so if anyone knows where i could pick those up PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I also need to know what are the best harddrives that i could pick up for a price below 24 KD and where i could pick them up from. 1 TB HDDs that is. I checked Xcite and I did see some 25 Kd,24 KD but i did see some in the 19 and 20 range one was a "SEAGATE 1TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBX1000200) - Black" and the other was a "SEAGATE Backup Plus 1TB Portable Hard Drive (STBU1000200) USB 3.0 - Black" It's just that the term "BACK UP" confused me a little alothough i think it means the same. I personally never had any experience with Seagate HDDs but i read they were horrible and people suggested WD over them so tell me what should i get are the HDDs which i saw worth or should i check out WD HDDs ? I owned a Samsung HDD which Died by making some retarded clicking noise .. -.- lasted about 2-2 1/2 years. Any other HDDs would be great within the price range ofcourse thanks
  6. can yyou name a few local art galleries? and do do you have to be of gcc nationality to sell or can indians or anyone sell?
  7. So i want to sell my paintings of landscapes and abstracts which i have an am going to do. thing is i don't know where i can. and i don't want to sell them off for a very low price just to get rid of them because it's something that took me time to do. so if you know anyone willing to buy them let me know. or if you want to you can whatsapp me on this number 97487321 it will be of great help to me thanks a mil guys if you're interested in seeing the pictures send me a message on whatsapp and i'll send you the images
  8. Hi thanks for the reply, I got a laptop about a month ago, Asus, intel core i5, Nvidia 2 GB gt540m ( i know it is a mid range card but it pretty much works for whatever i need it to run thus far ) 6 GB ram, 500 GB HDD anyways, i neded a laptop because i usually move around being a teen, going to friends houses and play via LAN so its impossible for me to drag a desktop wherever i go but i think my laptop is good so far, PS i got a desktop already, i5, 1 TB HDD, Nvidia 560Ti, 8 GB ram
  9. well my little brother has been craving for a spy camera for the past month and i told him i would try to get him one, i know that there were three of them on sale on the forum but i didnt have money back then, so i want to know if i can get them in kuwait for around the price it was being sold for here in kuawait i.e. 10 KD or less, and wherre can i find them? and how do they work ? thanks in advance
  10. Hey, i play black ops on pc, steam version and was wondering if i could get any servers with good pings, german servers give me around 130 or 150 while amsterdam gives me around 150 or 160 or sometimes if populated and alot of people its 170-180 but are there any servers where i can get atleast 100 or below? thanks send me your steam names if you want too
  11. hi guys, I'm really interested in getting a gaming laptop but my budget is below 190 KWD. my assumed specs would be and i5 processor, nvidia 1 GB, 1.5 Or 2 GB, 4 GB ram, 500 GB Or more HDD. And A Decent Screen Size. Something New. And No I Do Not Want Second Hand. It Would be great if you could tell me where i could get it from. I want to be able to play games like GTA 4 on great settings, BF3 on pretty good settings ( Not MP) GTA 5 when it does come out. Assassins Creed Revelations, 3, Brother hood and all those ones without lag, and all other new games that come out. oh even mafia 3 and max payne 3 and EVERY GOOD GAME so thanks in advance
  12. so yeah i just want to know the specs for this game if you guys have any idea or if you guys know, or rough ideas. So yeah stoked for this game btw
  13. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23764 Someone Is Selling It Right On The Forum Good Luck
  14. PS3

    As the title says, i am also willing to exchange it for a Wii, however the console has to be in good condition and not more than 50? I know that is to low to sell it for but i really want a PS3 just to play some exclusives and for online gaming ( its free). I got a high end PC but i do want to play games like Smackdown vs Raw 2012/ God of War 3, GTA 4 without even a little lag etc etc. So yeah help me out, the details on the Wii will be given if exchange has to be made
  15. ... in-kuwait/ As Said Above, It Is Out, With A Ridiculously High Price!