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  1. got that too.. if anyone has any old retro consoles,games,accessories let me know i might be interested. thanks
  2. got all of the above.. now does anyone have a boxed PAL Gamecube that they want to sell? or maybe if they have the box only? thanks
  3. once you make up your mind let me know in PM.
  4. Hi, have a 1TB external WD (my book) HD with power adapter in like-new condition. 10kd final. if you are interested send me your # in PM.
  5. Just a quick update! Got myself a modded NTSC N64 that outputs RGB via Scart, comes with: -Power Adapter -Scart Cable -Jumper Pak On the other hand, i ordered 8 extension cables to extend the controllers distance and a lot of games: -Mario Tennis -Diddy Kong Racing -Mario Party 2 -Mario 64 -Mario Kart 64 -007 Goldeneye -F-Zero x -Resident Evil 2 -Perfect Dark -Star Wars Rouge Squadron -Super Smash Bros Then managed to get 4 genuine N64 controllers , Mario Golf, Wave Racer 64 and International Superstar soccer 2000 from Rehab in great condition too this week. Can't wait to get it by next week
  6. go to Al Rehab complex in Hawali. i just saw a lot, there is a store on the 1st floor called Global that has it. also sells accessories n games. then you have several stores in the basement. they have NTSC and also Pal PS2's.
  7. Also looking for -N64 NTSC Games
  8. sounds cool! i am not a Sega fan, but amazing games. lots of great consoles there!
  9. and no I am not talking about the PS1! Let's talk about what you have at moment, I'll start first: -Commodore Amiga A600 boxed with 3 joysticks,power supply,mouse,external floppy drive & lots of games -Commodore Amiga A1200 with 4 joysticks,power supply,mouse,external floppy drive, joystick extension cable & lots of games -Super Nintendo (NTSC) boxed with 2 joysticks,joystick extension cables,10 games and power supply -Neo Geo AES (Japanese- REI MOD) by http://www.neotropolis.net/33401.html with 2 joysticks and power supply (games soon!) My end of month plan is to get at least a couple of Neo Geo games from the following: -Garou:mark of the wolves (considered to be the last part of Fatal Fury) -King of Fighters 98 (many consider this to be the best KOF part) -Metal Slug 3 -Super Sidekicks 3 -Soccer Brawl -SVC:Chaos -Samurai Showdown 2 -Windjammers -Last Blade 2
  10. Neo Geo AES Games (US or JAP) SNES Games (US) Sega Megadrive (Made in Japan) Console & Games
  11. LOL , don't sell it, you will want to use it one day, I had one like 5 years ago with like 20 games and 2 controllers sold it going to hunt for one now. btw I think the NTSC version is better as it has a higher refresh rate or something..
  12. or if you have any games or accessories.
  13. Also if you have any accessories for the Amiga A600 or A1200. or if you have any old CRT , please send me model and make. should be able to support 15khz. Thanks