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  1. Thanks Mark, love the "Empire of Dirt" pic
  2. Yes you're right, they recently released the 10-18 4.5-5.6 , it's priced pretty well apparently, not sure if it's in the market yet.
  3. Hi 3obad I have the 500D and the two lenses that you have and the 55-250 as well. I had the same thoughts, dirt cheap, versatile compared to the 18 - 200 which has gotten a few bad remarks, but I bought it anyways a year ago. Unless you have some real use for it, I wouldn't suggest buying it. Get primes instead, zooming with your feet is better imo
  4. Thanks for the little tutorial! Has anyone here tried freelensing? Post your results below Here's mine, didn't quite nail focus though
  5. It really is a good shot I.B. Mac! (monochrome picture) has a really nice mood to it How did you take the macro of the pencil? The detail is amazing
  6. Well I did, I called them up and the guy I spoke to said he's in sales, check online So I went to their store and was told about the Kuwaiti thing Even asked them through "Contact Us" on their website, no response. It's alright, no need for it now. Do let me know if you end up renting sometime
  7. I hope that's what they mean since any order that is 4 hours late is charged an extra day.. I was hoping someone who has tried the rental process shares their experience
  8. Yep I did all of that as well. But think about this, they deliver only b/w 5 - 9pm on weekdays except Fridays. So if I rent a lens for Thursday 5pm to Friday 5pm are they going to charge for Friday as well? I don't think I want to be paying for an extra day just because they don't do deliveries on Fridays. About the papers part, I went to the store to see if I could just pick it up myself instead of the online process, that's where I was told about it. On the phone all I got was "I'm in sales, rent is online" Comparatively , Borrowlenses.com are so much more cheaper! $42 for three days , 40KD here , sadly it's in the US
  9. Has anyone tried Lumen(Photolenders) rental service? What is the procedure? I called up the store and was told the whole process is online, but it isn't very clear online. So I went to Lumen in Dar al Awadi in Sharq and was told I need a Kuwaiti to sign papers if I want to rent a lens.
  10. Does anyone know anything about this new mall coming up? I've only seen a billboard on the Fahaheel Expressway so far, there isn't any news about it anywhere online. All I found was some renderings on their website
  11. Thanks Cajie! It does work now, using the new photo experience on Flickr, so must have grabbed the wrong code
  12. Been a long time since I posted here! It's awesome there's finally some life in this thread. For a while only Mathai had been posting some really great shots http://www.flickr.com/photos/59843589@N03/7402732718/ Okay I'm completely clueless on how to post the picture here, I know how to get the BBcode but can't figure out how to display the image in the new forum. Someone please help me out here. Thank you! The link is above
  13. The Heart by HanselD, on Flickr Tried the popular ring heart shadow photo normally done for wedding rings, didn't get what I wanted but pretty satisfied
  14. Spam is being posted every minute now !