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  1. Doesn't really answer anything but ok =)
  2. Based on what?
  3. Any DC/comic book fans around? If you've seen it what did you think? No SPOILERS! please =)
  4. I watched Deadpool and all I can say is yeah I wouldn't even count on it being screened here. It's banned in china too just fyi, lol It's rated R in the US, Full of violence and bunch of cursing and dirty jokes. Really funny though they did pretty good.
  5. I have this thing and it's AMAZEBALLZ! I'm not 100% sure but if you check Ace Hardware, True Value maybe A-Z you'll find it. I'm not spending anymore on duster cans only one once in a while for my keyboard or smaller places.
  6. yeah you're not going to find anything for your custom loop. I wanted one so bad but it costs a lot to ship it over. your only option is to order those but then you have to go through the loop of customs allowing the coolant in the country. I don't think you'll have a problem with parts.
  7. I have the nexus 5X 32GB. I Bought it from the google store in the US for 400$ that's 120KD. they're charging 728$ for the 16GB haha. that's a joke. I got my nexus 5 from here They will DHL the phone to your place. might be more reasonable.
  8. No body is getting their actual results from Speedtest. I have my suspension that they're throttling their IP or limit their speed or something. Well, I'm pretty sure I don't suspect anything. Plus the whole where you live makes a difference as well. Either way I think they're full of shit. On multiple clients I'm not going above 1Mb/s downloading patches etc...
  9. Depends on your budget and how far you're going. But the way I did it was order some of my stuff online and other stuff here. If you're building your PC from scratch I suggest you buy your Monitor, Case and Power supply from here. smaller stuff can be shipped here cheaper. My Corsair Vengance Pro 16gb shipped from Amazon and with all of the shipping costs it was cheaper than here. there is a new shipping company other than Aramex called Posta Plus They're supposedly cheaper than Aramex. might wanna check them out. Another thing, Always have your cell handy while you're browsing and compare prices with Amazon/NewEgg. Don't get ripped off. cheers
  10. was it you who was playin Blackops today ? on PC nope..i dont have it.
  11. well that will be my brother playing my old account i left the xbox a while ago. playing PC. =)
  12. Lol........your here too D: , DrK MaTaDoR i'm guessing you know me? lol sorry your name is not familiar.
  13. well..i've been looking for them for the past two weeks..i just found them yesterday.. i appreciate your offer though .
  14. i got what i need. thanks for the 31 Views i guess..heh
  15. i'm looking for the first generation of pokemon for gameboy. (Yello,Red,Green or blue).