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  1. I used to go to the airport with a few friends to study during exams (about 10yrs ago). Coffee and food places were always open which was imp to us, specially the food. Although not exactly quite but we never found the noise distracting tbh. Good luck with studies!!
  2. I guess "how strict are they when it comes to execution is a different story" is what it mostly boils down to. I'll just avoid the radar detector i suppose, why have the unnecessary headache. Thanks for the reply!!
  3. Is a Radar detector legal here? I haven't been in Kuwait for close to a decade now and have heard about quite a few new rules. Also that the chances of getting deported are really high as well. So far i know or have heard cases of being deported over:- - Driving without a licence - Speeding - Running a red light - Having a person in your vehicle who's not on the same visa (company/sponsor?) as your's. This one sounded absurd but i personally know of one who was deported. What else can get one deported here? Cheers!!
  4. umm, a real intelligent answer buddy. plus the solution u gave is just, genius. . . anyways, ignoring the idiots. . . The differences are there. i guess i was wrong in not being elaborate enough. I should realize that this is a personal blog, and it reflects the individual behind it. People mature and priorities change accordingly. I really don't want to go and make a big deal out of this. This was supposed to be more of a rant. Being a person who was here from long ago, it was the first thing i noticed. (This post should've gone in the complaints and comments section in the forums, but that's not there anymore for some reason) I appreciate that mark took this in a real cool fashion and didn't get offended. i respect that. This was just my opinion and what i felt.
  5. Its like a commercial review website for products!!!! Progress happen's, ppl change n so does the current trend, but this!!! Its like a freakin newspaper classified ad's n review section. I never expected the commercialization of this blog. I was naive i guess. Money talks. Ps: sorry bout the grammer n spellings n all.
  6. I was looking for this link but could'nt find it. That youtube video was all i could find Cheers BURNINATING THE COUNTRY SIDE!!!
  8. Really??? Or you just talkin out of ur ass again?
  9. Marks reviewed it. ... y-watched/
  10. don't mean to hijack your thread but it is a related question tho. I don't have any date of issue on my drivers licence, any idea if i can get an official one?? i mean on the ministry papers with proper stamps n all cuz i was applying for a licence in BC and they require all that. So any help would be great.
  12. Apparantly the internet isn't the only thing thats gonna be extinct by 2012. ... r-2012.php