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  1. You could try searching for an external hard disk dock in Hawalli Like this one: goo.gl/1VFwCL Would this work? My brother got one similar for KD 12 a couple of years ago, not sure about its compatibility with your hard disk. Take a look at the link and check if it something that could work for you. Copy short U
  2. I just passed by Ace Hardware in Hawally - they sell external antennas. You might want to check there. Did not notice their price though.
  3. I sold it for 10KD Apparently people unlock them and resell them for 15KD
  4. The model number is Huawei LTE CPE B593
  5. Its a 4G fixed router Will post the exact model no. if you want once I get back home today evening Here is a photo of what it looks like (from the internet), which will give you some idea
  6. I could use it at home - but I don't know if it can be used with a SIM card other than that of Ooredoo. Will put it up on the classifieds section. If no takers then I carry out an autopsy of the router and post the teardown on ifixit
  7. Hi guys, I have a Huawei router from Ooredoo that I do not need anymore since I have cancelled their internet subscription. Any idea on what to do with the router? Is there any one who would want to take it / use it?
  8. @FASTtelco Is there a map that we can refer to for checking the areas in which GPON is available?
  9. Looking for a used Nexus 4 that is working. No issues if the battery does'nt work long or if the back is cracked. We can discuss the price based on condition of the phone.
  10. This is exactly why you should buy a tank. Sadly they are not that affordable... A friend of mine had another idea for the same problem - he wanted to install a separate switch inside the car that would turn on the brake lights without having to slow the car hitting the brakes.
  11. I checked Ibn Khaldoun street - nobody stocks the ThinkPad Yoga Pro. Nobody even knew that the Yoga Pro is available with an active digitizer. Might just have to stick to ordering it online.
  12. I had an unlimited 4G internet connection from Viva given by my company and never faced any issues with that. Good coverage and reception. However, even though they may say "unlimited" there must be some cap / throttling - you might need to push them to find out what / how much it may be and then decide if it is sufficient for your needs.
  13. I was always a challenge
  14. Just had an Onam Thali and am sooo sleepy. Did you take the Onam Thali challenge this year?
  15. Thanks Mark, will check there and update if I have found what I am looking for.