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  1. Fasttelco used to have the best pings with eu servers. But since they have been brought by Ooredoo (a Qatari company) they have been routing all their traffic through Qatar which has long distance sea cable with Europe crossing Arabian gulf, gulf of Oman and the red sea all the way to Europe. Making the data journey longer. Instead of directly from Kuwait through land cable to KSA-Egypt then short distance sea cable to Europe Here is illustration of what I'm talking about (its not 100% accurate, but u got the idea) :
  2. Viva 4g Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=136ms TTL=234 Reply from bytes=32 time=123ms TTL=234 Reply from bytes=32 time=131ms TTL=234 Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=234
  3. ^ This Did exactly the same and found out Viva/Ooredoo are the best in my area. Just get 2kd prepared sim-card and cheapest 4g internet (I remember Ooredoo had something like 500fills for 1GB, which was more than enough to do couple of speedtests over 24hrs to check speed and reliability throughout the day)
  4. Meanwhile in Dubai it was reported that it will be screen uncut : But after some internet research I found out its already censored for the distributor. Still better deal than a ban . Anyway if you really want to see it, its out on torrent, and the cam source is not bad.
  5. Qualitynet updated their standard price for 2016. Check them out, and if you get updates from other ISPs post them here.
  6. God, I feel spoiled reading some of the speeds in some location in Kuwait. I'm getting 10mb with Mada, 20mb+ with zain and 40mb+ with viva & ooredoo. I hope once they implement 4.5G these speeds will be more consistent throughout Kuwait ( its should handle 1gb/s). And Zain was the first to run trail test so you can expect it in one or 2 years if all things goes good. Plus Phase 2 of fiber optics is rolling out and it should cover almost %50 of Kuwait by 2017. Hopefully your area is included.
  7. Good, I hate the one at Kaifan, crowded area with too much traffic from Kuwait uni and shuwaikh. Hateen much quieter and closer to me (even if it wasn't, its still easy to reach without traffic). Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Infoconnect INFOCONNECT ‘2016 – Kuwait’s IT and Communications exhibition is set to be held from 24 – 30th January 2016 at International Fairs Ground Hall 6.
  9. The problem with DSL/GPON is not only the prices, but the speeds as well. No way I would downgrade from the 60-80Mbs speeds I'm getting with LTE to a 10-20Mbs landline (that I can't even use outside home). They better start offering 50-100Mbs speeds at a reasonable prices or they gonna bite the dust.
  10. Check it out :
  12. Maybe try to ask them to upgrade your plan to 1TB since its now priced as much as yours. I had Zain before and when they upgraded their plans mine was automatically upgraded to the newer limit. Plus I advice people to get the off-contract plans (without yearly commitment) since Ooreedoo now offer them now for extra 1KD.
  13. Whatever you gonna build you can check the prices on (its almost the same as in hawalli, but not including haggling discount if you go yourself to hawalli). If what you want is cheaper than importing (after including shipping & customs costs) get it locally, otherwise go ahead and order from newegg or amazon.
  14. I'm in same situation have 2013 Camaro SS and can't find a place to sell it at its market price.
  15. I live in sabah-al-salem test 2:41pm