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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know a place in Kuwait that offers tennis lessons for beginners? Or even just a place where a tennis court can be rented for e.g. an hour? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate it!
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could get medals made and how much you think it may potentially cost for about 100-150 If any of you did the RunQ8 thing I was thinking something similar to that Thanks!
  4. Been looking too, if you find a place that sells it please let me know!
  5. Oh and if you're looking for work now, you may have a chance with Al-Shaya, but if you're Kuwaiti and you have a paid scholarship from the ministry here to go to uni in the states/uk/ireland then you can't
  6. Hey, are you Kuwaiti? If so you may be able to get a summer job like I did with Al-shaya (I'm 16 btw). And do you go to uni here? Other than that theres LoYac if you're not Kuwaiti, but you would need to be a uni student here if you want to work now, or just a high school student if you want to work in the summer. Also Palms have a job as a camp councilor in the summer too. All these jobs pay 100 or above. PM if you want more information, will be glad to help!
  7. https://www.q8flowers.com/flowers.aspx?sid=9 http://www.ediblearrangements.com.kw/
  8. All the polos at Express in Avenues have 2XL's but it may be hard to find now since they're mostly gone, but I know that tomorrow there will be a bunch of new stock out so if you go tomorrow or sometime soon you may find some good stuff
  9. Jarir sells them, and so does digits, but both shops are actually more overpriced than this website.. http://www.maximuscards.com/itempage.php?cat=6 This website has them, and ive never bought from them but Mark mentions them all the time, so it must be reliable, and I think they email it to you? But the UK ones are not that much of a mark-up as the US ones on blink.. And im only trying to give you available options
  10. you can get both UK and US app store gift cards through www.blink.com.kw Its very reliable, and the code will be emailed to you within a few hours, or if you would like the card to be delivered to you can also do that for a few extra dinars http://www.blink.com.kw/products/apple- ... tune-cards
  11. @bango, the camera cajie suggested is one of a few with a zoom over 20, its available in x-cite for about 125kd There isn't a cheaper camera than that with a zoom of 20x, sorry
  12. If I sell mine, how much would you pay for it?
  13. I saw in geant at 360 mall a while back, im not sure if its still there or not though
  14. I've had 2 blackberries in the past, and an iPhone. If you have many friends using BBM (Blackberry messenger), then you should get a blackberry to talk to them. But in my experience I prefer the iPhone so much more, even though I miss BBM, you can get Whatsapp which is the same thing. Also with an iPhone you can download many applications and have hours of fun with it.
  15. Also if you want another suggestion, theres a track in Mishref with each 100 metres labeled on the ground. Im not too sure about its whereabouts exactly in Mishref, but ask around and you may find it. Another is the Scientific Center in Salmiya, which is close to Marina Mall if you know where that is, the ground is also labelled every 100 meters, so you can keep track of how much you ran. Hope I helped!