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  1. How can I get subscribed with US Store? Can I use my Aramex Address?
  2. Hi guys, How many 3D printing service providers are here in Kuwait. I know one 3dpme @threedpme Any other, let list them.
  3. I will buy the Z10 if its Black color
  4. Can we PM users in the Market
  5. It can be all services blocked like youtube, facebook, etc. As ELM is Education, Literature, Media. So We might need to activate social media services for a fee, I guess.
  6. I had being to the BB 10 Developers JAM in December, They gave 5 devices to Two developers, to support the BB Dev community in kuwait. Also I think RIM has already provided to the Telecom Operators to test their network etc. But Its just to late to upload the pics, seens the event was on 13th December 2012.
  7. I have BB 9860, It has warranty for 6 months available. Check my AD: http://www.expatriates.com/cls/18243060.html
  8. Zain should Just disconnect the no, which is due. "You didnt pay for this, you dont get this." OR All the corporate lines are disconnected, as a single entity.
  9. @kliffy77 do still have the S2, how much your giving it for?
  10. Need to restore your iOS, to the latest updates. Had the same with my bro's, new iphone from zain, the facetime feature was missing. Took it to zain, was told to take to their authorized service center. So went to Mobile2000, got its updated, now have facetime.
  11. how much would it be if brought online including the shipping? Which is the best site for cheapest officially unlocked iphone4?
  12. i can connect and authenthicate, but cant browse, i hav also set the browser to hotspot browser. But no luck. the wifi is greyed out.
  13. Hi, I got my bros old corporate BB curve, its was on zain operator, now i am using my wataniya sim; but i cannot connect to the wifi @ home? How can i unlock it, or is it unlocked with blackberry plan usage only?
  14. But its mentioned unlimited on their website: http://www.kw.zain.com/kw/af/core/home/ ... 53〈=en
  15. Hi, Just wanna know how is the speed with Zain Mobile Connect package for 7KD. Can I use it as my ego, currently have ego 13.5KD, with give 600kbps. So if i cancel my package with ego, and subscribe with zainmobile connect, i'll be saving 3-4 KD plus will get a good speed. Please advice on this.