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  1. Thanks Mark for the feedback. It's a relief to know that it is safe.
  2. I along with my family plan to travel to Lebanon in the second week of March. With all the travel advisories including from Kuwait, I’m not sure it is a wise decision. The plan is to fly to Beirut, stay in a hotel for a few days and visit places nearly. Never been to Lebanon before, don’t know anybody there and don’t speak Arabic or French. BTW, we are Indian nationals. Please advise if it is safe to make the trip. Been hearing of kidnappings by gangs and all. Does it affect normal tourists or only high value targets? Worried about the trip, especially after the recent warnings by UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc. Please help me take the right decision.
  3. You can take a post box from your local post office. It costs KD 5 per year. Post boxes may not be available in all post offices since all could have been taken by customers, but it is available in some, like Abu Halifa for instance.
  4. Sameer, did you miss this?
  5. Is your mail Gmail? Assuming that the received one is not a phishing email, it could be a general sent to all gmail users registered with them. Recently as per news reports, hackers have gained access to 5 million gmail passwords which are 3 years old. Maybe they have verified the list and sent emails to those affected.
  6. First drive: 2015 Hyundai Genesis in the UAE
  7. XE shows midmarket rates i.e. derived from the mid-point between the buy and sell rates from the currency markets. One should follow XE only as reference. All banks and money exchanges have two rates. The buy rate and sell rate, which will differ. So the rates between buying dollars (as in your case) and selling dollars (when coverting KD to USD) are different. It seems the rate your Bank gave you is reasonable. BTW, it is good to have USD 100,000 in the bank account.
  8. Try
  9. It seems Warrior has become Worrier.
  10. I can't understand how coops are considered economical. I live near fairly good sized cooperative, hardly 200 m from my place. But I don't find them attractive. I generally shop at Lulu, Qurain at the weekends for which I have to drive 15 km or so. Why would I bother to drive the distance if the coop which is at walking distance is good both price & shopping-wise. Nationals get back some money at the end of the year as profit sharing, which probably is a 'feel good' factor. I can't think of any other reason why some find coops attractive.
  11. Use google to translate the text.
  12. People are just hoping that the present situation will calm down from the start of Ramadan. But if it continues after Summer, you will see thousands of expatriate families leaving Kuwait for good, especially those with children studying in higher classes. So the target of reducing expatriate population by 100K year is easily achievable. The positive side would be a slump in the house rents. It will also see an end to availability of cheap labor in Kuwait.
  13. Thanks flupo2000. Decided not to buy from them.
  14. Am thinking of buying a Honda CR-V. Went to their showroom today under the impression that the operations have been taken over by Al-Ghanim. But was surprised to learn that Mutawa AlKazi is still selling them. They admitted that the agency has changed over to Al-Ghanim but said they were clearing their stock (2013 models). When asked about the service/ guarantee, they said they will continue to provide it. The guarantee is for 3 years/ 100K km which can be extended to 5 years and they have a couple of free services offered. In a previous thread, someone had written that Al-Kazi has topped operations and someone said that he actually did the service at Al-Ghanim. I am confused. Is Al-Kazi telling the truth about the guarantee/ service or has there been some court verdict in their favor allowing them to continue their operations? In such a scenario, is it wise to buy a Honda from Al Kazi? As per official Honda website, their local agent in Kuwait is Al-Ghanim Int’l. Has Al-Ghanim started selling Hondas? Please advise/ share your thoughts.
  15. When I said it isn’t dangerous what I really meant was it wasn’t poisonous, acidic or explosive. I also assumed that the original poster knew the stuff. As I wrote before, anything can be dangerous if handled incorrectly, even a common kitchen knife or cigarette lighter or even a tooth pick. But we assume that a normal adult knows how to handle them safely and so don’t normally call them dangerous. I have seen and handled dry ice, but only limitedly. But I have handled liquid Nitrogen (-196 C, much colder than dry ice) on a regular basis but haven’t found it dangerous, just because I have the commonsense, not to use it to wash my face for instance.