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  1. Hello all, hope you are all having a splendid day, I just got me a new entertainment center for the car, and it has GPS navigation in it, the software is called Nav N Go 8.3 , I have a few questions regarding the use and updates of this system, if anyone knows anything about it and would like to share the knowledge, I'd be very thankful Thanks
  2. I know that 800 KD are probably a reasonable price for the quality that the mentioned speakers probably deliver, but they're too much for my needs and budget. Thanks for the info and prices but I don't want a HT system, speakers that come with these HT systems are usually crappy and not good at all, so I was looking for someone who owns some good speakers like say Onkyo or Sony or maybe Panasonic, who want's to upgrade to a better or stronger set..
  3. then why dont u save e'one the trouble and make it clear as to what is a good brand and reasonable price ??? Sorry for troubling you, and I already thanked you for your effort.
  4. I really appreciate the offer, but 800KD for speakers? my budget is not even close to that!
  5. Sony Ericsson T-280 for 10 KD
  6. Wanna buy 5.1 Speakers for my A/V receiver, if any of you guys got a set of speakers that you wanna sell coz you don't need anymore or you wanted to upgrade to something better, please let me know.. I want the speakers to be a full set or even a part of the set (a woofer alone or surround speakers alone).. Plus I want it to be in a reasonable price too.. and a good brand..
  7. Edgar I gotta say a big THANK YOU for your valuable info and tips! will certainly try all that and will try to add you too, thanks again for taking the time to explain all that to me, I hope everyone here benefits and learns from the tips you gave away.. I appreciate it
  8. DeahtTicker You're absolutely right about that.. I was told the same by so many people, I play Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 on multiplayer too, and I'm very good at both of them.. it's a COD problem I guess.. but I'll keep practicing anyway
  9. Hey Johnny, where did you buy it for less than 30$?
  10. Gosh these bastards!! Man these people playing online there were born with a PS3 controller in their hands! It's full of Saudi guys and it looks like they are the best in the world in this game! They kill me before I get the chance to raise my weapon!!
  11. Thank you guys for the useful tips, I will try to apply them all to the way I play tonight and then I'll let you know how it goes More tips and strategies are welcome to be posted here for everyone to use and master.. good luck to all of you
  12. Hi fellow gamers, SO I'm new to this whole FPS multiplayer thing, and I'm playing MW3 on PS3 (Region 2) and my problem is... it's kinda hard for me to say it, well.. my problem is that I keep getting killed!! I mean if I'm not the last in the list, I'm the one right before the last :( I mean, I am a good player and all, but I keep getting shot before I even start shooting at the other guy, or even before I even see them sometimes! So is there a big secret here? what's the catch? how do you become good this at this thing anyway? Any help or recommendations would be appreciated! I'M DYING HERE PEOPLE, HELP ME OUT!
  13. You'd better go there and ask mate.
  14. There is one shop in Rihab complex who sells only PC games, he is specialized on PC games, and is he located downstairs in the basement.. I dunno if he is carrying that game so soon coz it's very new.
  15. You can download it from any torrent websites if you're willing to be a pirate, or buy a digital online version from the internet.