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  1. Sorry, here Is my number we can use viber or WhatsApp....55763049 yeh sure on Thursday we can play....6 am.... cool!
  2. anyone who want to play can join! Sorry to ask that not a racist...just wanna have some fun time and enjoying game... cheers
  3. Hi, that will be so nice, if we can play. Mishref (29.271840,48.082360), here is the location, its a hard surface court but a bit rough. every friday and saturday 6am - 8am. we are there playing. at night there's no lights at the court. I used to play tennis before quite a long time i havent playing. Now i want to get back in this sports. here is my fb: byroelopez
  4. yes, which country? every Friday I am playing tennis at mishref park for free...6am - 8am. where are you playing Tennis here in Kuwait?
  5. I am because we are

  6. where you from?
  7. I am looking for a tennis buddy. please let me know if someone is interested? thanks,
  8. Qadsia Sports club they offer tennis lessons renting fee: KD4/ hour actually I am looking a playing buddy...
  9. still looking for iphone 6? i have 128G... silver you may reach @ 55763049
  10. thanks admin infection not appearing anymore
  11. After upgrading, my virus scanner is always alerting this. JS:Redirector-BJB [Trj]
  12. challenge health club in shaab KD 25 monthly
  13. hi peepz, I would like to swapping my asus epad transformer tf101 with iphone4 or samsungS2. give me a call at 50164204
  14. guys what is the real legal tinting? except only wind shield or windshield + driver side(left and right)
  15. peepz, In alghanim is really expensive to fix this.anyone knows who can fix abs system modules specially trailblazer suv? thanks!