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  1. I kind of want to play Arabic The Division Street Fighter 5 will have an Arabic translation too. Personally I don't like it because a lot of my friends learned English from movies and videogames, translating everything gets rid of that Was playing pretty much just Bloodborne for the last several months which is incredible it turns out and worth buying a PS4 for. I finished the main game and DLC and started playing through New Game+ but other games came out. Street Fighter 5: As a fighting game, this is really fun. I like playing it, netcode works great (I can't believe I can play random matches from Kuwait without lag, NO fighting game has ever done that). As a videogame... holy shit it is missing so much. Like it's basically jump online and fight people and that's it. Oh well they're patching it so I hope it gets better Fire Emblem - Birthright: Ahhhh this game is awesome
  2. Oh I didn't even try my PC, I watch Netflix on Apple TV or a PS4 and both of these no longer work with DNS.
  3. Hulu, HBO and others allow me to use the DNS, it's specifically Netflix popping up an error.
  4. Totally stopped working for me with Unblock-Us and US netflix region. Shame because I was doing the majority of my watching through US Netflix for the last 2-3 months People who say it has no issues - try playing different shows, certain shows that are available in Kuwait already won't give the error.
  5. It's ALWAYS cheaper to get a PC to last you 2-3 years then upgrade it, rather than try to future-proof it for 5 years
  6. The departments that monitor don't freely give the information out to everyone. Just because "the government" monitors it doesn't mean the guy stamping papers at the courthouse has your naked pics
  7. Any government in the world can monitor these forms of communication, no questions asked. Many governments around the world also store and monitor. I don't think they talk too openly about which one they do. Any digital communication just consider it easily accessible, no matter where you live
  8. Did anyone pick this up? I heard people already have it. Who's selling it?
  9. Personally I'm Kuwaiti and wouldn't put my kids in gov. school but homeschooling is in my eyes even worse. I have never met a normal homeschooled adult
  10. It's 100 KD shipped online with free MGS5 :/
  11. Pre-Oil Kuwait also allowed the nationalization of Non-Muslims, a practice which they specifically stopped in the 80s to say that Christians could no longer become Kuwaiti
  12. I don't think I ever actually said I agree with the government introducing taxes, I'm pretty anti-tax in general. I was stating that in other places tax money gets "wasted" yet you're forced to pay. Like in the US around 20% of your taxes end up funding wars that almost every citizen disagrees with. We are lucky in that our paycheck is not cut by 30% to fund things like that. But yeah the fact that there are no taxes means there is MUCH less accountability for the govt. spending. There is a mentality when we see waste and corruption of "well at least I didn't pay for this". Personally if we actually did pay taxes I would be much, much angrier at how the money is being spent, and you can bet the day they start taxing people will begin rioting at the smallest signs of corruption and waste. I get your argument, you are saying that the money they are wasting is owed to us. And I agree in a way... maybe not owed to me directly but damn at least spend it on infrastructure, planning, hospitals and a better schooling system. They owe it to the country to build that up before they allow corruption to swallow it. I dunno. I think we have a good system in place even if the execution is not. The spirit is at least there, it's not common in the world to find a place with 0% tax on income and goods that still *tries* to provide healthcare, schooling, housing for free. On average we are still better off than 98% of the population on earth.
  13. I don't think we'll ever agree on this, I don't think it's our right to get all this because we were born to a Kuwaiti father. I don't know how much you know about other countries but you pay taxes directly and they do give that money away to things citizens disagree with constantly, and that's money out of your own pocket you had to work for. Prices are not half of Kuwait's around the world except in terms of land and luxury goods, day to day living has subsidized gas, food, electricity and water which are a huge drain on your income usually. I'll agree that rights are being taken away and people should speak out on this, and there is inefficiency in the government. They should have built houses faster and developed land quicker and they are generally ineffective. But you don't have experience with the rest of the world if you think this is as bad as it could get
  14. And that's your entire agreement and why I disagree. Why shouldn't we be paying? You're saying it will take too long to get a house, and the rent allowance is too low. In most places you never get a house, and there is no rent allowance. In many places you pay rent until you die and die owning nothing. Public schooling is shit... you're a teacher. Do something about it. Free healthcare is shit? Sure. There's an option for it, again you take what you can get. Some jobs give private health insurance. If you need to travel for healthcare you can actually apply through the government, they send people abroad for treatments that can't be done here. My argument is shit to you because your entire argument is based on "I deserve this". You are complaining that you are "Wasting" rent money until you get a house when rent is a reality everywhere. You are complaining that schooling is shit yet you are part of the school system. This is the Kuwaiti mentality that needs to change.
  15. I'm not actually angry about this, I just like arguing and it's an interesting point The reason I argue a lot in favor of how good we have it is because I have a lot of family that are not Kuwaiti and I see how hard their life is compared to us. Some of them have been living in Kuwait their entire lives, but still live in poor conditions and get low salaries. Some of them live in Arab countries outside of the gulf and get even lower salaries, and have to struggle in the cold under blankets because gas to heat the house is too expensive. Some of them live in the US, Canada and UK and sure they have the freedoms of western society but they are still struggling financially, even as citizens of those countries. We are honestly very, very lucky to be living in Kuwait as Kuwaitis. It might not last this way forever but trust me you are better off than the majority of people living around the world. I'm sure the foreigners living here reading arguments about 1000KD not being enough because of family obligations are crying to themselves now. Nobody comes to Kuwait unless they need money for family obligations and trust me they're not making 1000KD