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  1. There's a restaurant owned by a Jordanian called "Rum" it's in Salmiya.. I forgot the street name but it's the same street as marina mall entrance of I'm not correct.
  2. I wouldn't trust someone that loved the new batman vs superman movie 😂 Kidding aside gongo gave good advice
  3. Try searching for blogs of Spanish people in Kuwait the best way to learn a language is to actually use it with someone native to that language. Even after learning it decently if you don't speak it on daily basis you'll forget it. Find a Spanish wife? 😂
  4. One of the most hyped overrated movies I've seen in my entire life! Even the new rocky (creed) movie was better than this crap of a movie. Excuse my French
  5. Horrid movies
  6. Hello Izzyq8, Thanks you for sharing your experience, I have the will to stop but I need a replacement for the meantime! Any advice on what vaporizer I should get? Where from? What d of oil?
  7. Did you consider pimzler? Best online ever. You can find them on torrent websites. Hope I spelled it correctly though.
  8. Hello kind people, I need help to quit smoking regular disguising cigarettes so I was wondering does vaping help? Or will it create a new addiction? If it does help emerge can I get it? Which one should I get? I currently smoke Marlboro lights, about one pack a day.. Appreciate any advice
  9. Isn't that illegal? or at the very least unprofessional? Why should the users suffer because the companies aren't willing to stand up or talk out or find a solution with the government? personally I am facing no such issue with Qualitynet
  10. can anyone give a go? they also have a money back guarantee and servers all over the world
  11. currenty playing "Life is Strange" entertaining and still interesting.
  12. No problems on Qualitynet or Viva (Well when it's not viva peak hours).
  13. hey there just out of curiosity have you found a tennis partner / place to play?
  14. Hello 248ers, I am not a big fan of the gym but I would like to find good spots/locations in Kuwait that I can just go and run, (Solo till I get my running legs back) any suggestions? are there places that would be awkward to do so? I kinda like the sea side near marina mall but I never saw anyone jogging/running there
  15. please be more specific on what happens with you because after a little research regarding that model online there seems to be many faulty factors such as no power at all or no screen display in some cases even the motherboard seems to be dead. Can you describe what happens when you turn the power on? What lights turn-on on the laptop what happens? Also I think instead of making this thread a very big and long one you can mail me on angvil at angvil dot net. I'll try to help as much as possible.