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  1. come on, there's no 24 hour library in kuwait that I Can study in?
  2. Ok, just to cut the story short. I am trying to study hard this semester, and I am finding it more and more difficult to study at home due to baby crying, and alot of distraction here at home. Is there any nice, quiet place that actually I can go to whever I want to study? With nice comfortable chairs, and a plug for my laptop is required here, By saying whenever I want, I meant even if I decide to go at night, 10;00pm or even more, it will remain open? Does this place actually exist? thanks.
  3. q84sale indeed does not work well with chrome, I've tried it myself right now, working really weird with chrome and it worked fine with IE here.
  4. I am looking for a full 100% VG e-juice here in Kuwait, whenever I ask some seller here in Kuwait about this, he seems to be confused and dazzled and ask "What is VG", this is really disturbing to me that these sellers don't even know the ingredient of the product they're selling. It seems to me that they're in it for the money, to me when I try to sell something, I like to learn everything about it, so then I can answer the customers about every detail. If you sell e-juice and products, it is shocking that you don't know what is PG and what is VG. Anyway I don't want to vent alot in here, my throat is somewhat sensetive to PG e-juices, and I can't even handle 50% PG 50% VG, even my chest will be in pain if I vape anything above 70% PG, so I am looking for a 100% VG e-juices, anybody know someone who sell these (Who knows what full 100% VG actually is). I also want it to have some nicotine in it, and is a tabacco flavored. PM me so I get an email notification, I haven't been checking the forums that much lately. Thank you in advance.
  5. I already booked tickets for both these countries in April. I'm excited for the trip. However I would like to know, do I need visa for any of these countries? I'm Kuwaiti citizen by the way. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys Just an update for my friends. Yes I managed to find a good place at the last minute. A valentines day package from safer hotel. A choice between three restaurants in the hotel for dinner & a room for the night which was arranged with flowers and they also brought cake and juice to the room, and breakfast in the morning. So yea we spent the night there and had a great day.
  7. Ok so I should have made a reservation for a nice restaurant for me and my wife and I forgot, and now everywhere I call I get told that it's full and I can't get a table. I want a special place thats nice and classy or my wife wont be happy in saturday, somewhere around the city, I don't want fahaheel or somewhere far. Help me out guys, thanks
  8. I've been ordering shipments from the internet for the past 15-20 yrs actually, and I have a box id with aramex, before today I thought aramex should be the fastest shipping or one of the fastest because it is a running company and it should ideally be better than the goverments (usually free shipping). But I was wrong, and I couldn't believe it, until I tested it myself, you know what. If you order via a company like aramex it will cost double the money and it will take twice as long. Here's the story. On February the 4th, I went to a website to order two identical things for me and my friend, and I decided just for the fun of it to use two different carriers to see which will arrive first, and also to know for myself which is the best, the free one, or the solo company one, and I must admit I was sooooooo surprised with the result. So I bought two identical items, that weight the same, and from the same state in the U.S. the same store actually, different bills to different names tho, one for my friend, and one for my friend. I've used Aramex for one item, and I've used normal delivery option and the country address/code for the second item this delivery usually cost nothing or so little, and when it arrives to Kuwait you don't pay extra, as opposed to aramex where you pay also a little to deliver from America to America's aramex address, but then when it arrives you pay again here in the aramex office depending on the weight, usually for my item it's 12kd. Anyway, the result was shocking. #1 Goverment Free Shipping. 4th February both items departed from the store. Goverment delivery (free) took 3 days traveling from state to state On 7th of February it arrived to Dubai On 8th of February it arrived to Kuwait - Here it could take few days if the employee is slacking. But if you are current you can actually go ahead and take your shipment by yourself, which I did. So I received my item on the 9th of February using the free goverment carrier here. #2 Now lets see aramex. 4th February item departed store heading toward another state 6th February item now arrives to Springfield gardens, the aramex store in newyork. 7th February Still there (weekend) 9th February Still stuck there (weekend) 11th of February I called them, it should be in Kuwait by now. But no, It's still in America and he says they are still (Sorting) the packages. and I promise you it will still be there tomorrow, in America, in their aramex store. Point of the story is, guys you can use the goverment ship, and it will arrive sooner than you think it would. No need to use these 3rd party carrier companies. specially Aramex, avoid this one. I mean if you think of it, technically a 3rd party company should be faster, better, and arrives earlier, because it also cost more, or else WHY Should you use it right? If it costs more, and it arrives slower, it just doesn't make sense, and doesn't add up right
  9. I haven't read every post but let me tell you. Customs here in Kuwait are pretty random. I know a guy who work there who literally told me that when they see packages. They split them in half and release half and hold the other half. So weather your package is being held or not is pretty random. You should claim the package from Kaifan. If it was held in customs just add two more weeks from the expecting arrival date.
  10. Can someone help me, I really need an unlimited Internet at work :S
  11. Ok it's been a long time since I bought one of these on the move internets, if you know what I mean, wataniya, zain, viva, mada etc. I wanted to ask, do they still have cap on usage? is there any new companies out there that maybe is better and gives unlimited internet? I need to buy one soon for my new job as I need a moving internet on the-go, I also need it to be unlimited and without CAP in how many gigs I can use per-day or even per-month, because I kinda download alot of things. ^^ I don't care for the price, all I care aobut are two things. 1. speed. 2. unlimited usage. Thanks in advance.
  12. It is a hard question because favorite changes all the time specially when it comes to music, I listen to different variety of songs and styles, ill just give you two of my hundreds of favs. both are opposite styles, (kinda) Radiohead - street spirit Dr-dre ft eminem
  13. Yes there is a law, or else why do you think they turn the meters on even though they arent charging according to the meters? It's only to lit the lights that is above the taxi, because with meters on the light will be lit, and this tells the people from the outside that the taxi has their meters on and has a customer. Because thats how police stop taxi's who have a passenger/customer inside BUT don't have the lights thats above the car on, thats how my brother used to stop taxi's, if he see's the light off, and there is a customer, he pulls them aside the road.
  14. listen, I'll be honest with you I haven't read the whole thing as the wall of text kinda blurred my eyes a bit, but I can see where you're coming from and why you are posting this. I am a Kuwaiti citizen and at one point I had to pick up a taxi to go somewhere. When I opened the door and and as I've taken my seat in the vehicle, told the guy where I needed to go he then immediately tell me the price. I was shocked to say the least. I demanded from him to open the taximeter and he said that he never do that. I immediately threaten him that if he doesn't open the taximeter I will actually go to the authorities (police). I remember couple of months ago when my brother (Who works in the police) told me that they are checking up on every taxi and that they actually use their taximeters for pricing or not and that it is against the law for them not to open the taximeter when they have customers in the vehicle, they always open the taximeter for the lights above the car to be lit. And this is the main reason for them to turn on the taximeter sometimes regardless weather or weather not they actually going to charge according to its number. Because if the lights above the taxi is not lit and they have a customer inside, the police car can actually stop the taxi and take in further action on the taxi driver or even the company. Back to my story, after I told him that I am going to tell the authorities about this, he immediately ran the taximeters and agrees to go by it. and I ended up paying just 600fils for some decent long distance. (But thats the cost of that distance so I didn't pay a dime less or a dime more). Point of the story is, don't let these taxi drivers choose the method of payment or the price, just go by the taximeter and if they refuse just call the police and tell about them, or even write their car number down and tell the authorities about them and let them deal with it.
  15. I am looking for an electronic cig that look like a cig and one that its filter are disposable and will be thrown after usage, then to smoke again I should insert new filter. The reason for this is that I'm not a big fan of ego type of e-cigs where you get bigger battery & you press a button to take a drag, Don't like pressing buttons I guess while smoking. I also don't like the cartomizer or atomizers that will be refilled, I don't like sucking on the same thing for weeks even tho you can wash it. So yea, anyone can suggest to me a place where I can buy an (Original) brand of e-cig with its filter being disposable & that look like a real cig. thanks