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  1. Sounds just like Kuwait.
  2. What's with the overwhelmingly positive responses on here? I thought the movie was rubbish.
  3. You mean, where can't you get peanut butter LoL.
  4. Mate. You do realize that that would come at a cost of 250-odd corpses somewhere over Saudi Arabia, right?
  5. 92.5 plays decent jazzy stuff all day. And of course, there's no need to censor anything as it's all instrumentals.
  6. @TheBoss - just curious, what nationality was the 16 year old who towed away your car?
  7. Skywards is a more than decent membership program. Much better than the usual fare you get on European/Asian carriers.
  8. Face it - Kuwaitis are racists to the nth degree. Do not live in denial about this.
  9. If you mean Linda, she's pretty okay. The other one is cr*p though. Suzanne, I think her name is?
  10. Good idea. Kind of been dipping since Season 5, I reckon.
  11. Moral of the story: Only women can cook well.
  12. Not a fan, but glad you like it.
  13. Ah....this conversation makes me nostalgic. I've been to EC every year from 1994-2007ish. Sadly, it's just gotten lonelier and lonelier as the years have passed by. Pity especially, that the Australian log closed down.
  14. Instrumental Jazz? Or something else?