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  1. Great MKQ8 - what sort of background do you have with web development?
  2. Sorry Salue - dont understand the question?
  3. Any Dosa lovers that can tell me where to get the best Dosa in town? For those that don't know a Dosa - its a crepe/pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. Staple food of South India. Considering more than half of the Indians in Kuwait come from the South - should be some good Dosa places. Its very tasty - try it.
  4. I am sure they must be dozens of very good web developers in Kuwait - anyone fancy some paid freelance work? I know you can find many on the internet - but be nice for someone in Kuwait to benefit. Please PM me if someone is interested.
  5. I am sure you are right - funny how things work (or not work) in Kuwait.
  6. My washing machine got delivered within the 48 hours. Excite sent me an email saying I get a 10KD voucher with the purchase and I would be receiving the voucher electronically. Been 2 weeks have received nothing. Cant be bothered to chase after them. Would I use them again - probably not
  7. Try the Kout above the JW Courtyard on Saturday morning. Great choice for breakfast.
  8. No worries - good luck.
  9. Good to know - thanks --- Been 24 hours and haven't heard anything yet. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks for the info ... not sure if a record player would work with my current music setup. The vinyls I have (about 50+) are light/heavy rock - Lots of Dire Straits. Let me know if you want any.
  11. I know they are not bad in-store - wonder if online works well. I placed the order earlier today and haven't yet anything about delivery. Have you (anyone) ever used xcite online? Is Kuwait even focusing on online? Maybe ill get a call tomorrow from them.
  12. I have several LPs you can borrow - not sure why I have them as have nothing to play them on
  13. Last week the washing machine started having a problem. As Ali Al-Ghanim is the agent for Zanussi where we bought the machine - first option was to contact them. Google finds this link for them: The website transports you to websites of the very early days (notice the horrible music!). Anyway got the number 1 866 666 and Extension 1874 is the service centre. Sounds easy enough. Call the number and it takes you round in circles - no extension works. Next option was to call one of the showrooms to get the Service Number - not much luck! Wondering if they have gone out of business. Got so fed-up in the end ordered a new machine from Xcite - same family but I am guessing different brother (Yousef Al-Ghanim). Wonder if the new machine will arrive. Did get an email confirming my order and money taken from my KNET. Wish me luck .... be carfeul if you are buying anything from Ali-Al Ghanim - those folks are fast asleep and dont want waking up. Will report back if the order from Xcite actually worked.
  14. China Garden was absolutely great when it first started. They really cared if you said anything. But gradually it hasn't managed to keep the standards. We have now stopped and get take-out from Peacock at the SAS. Expensive but good. Kuwait isn't good for Chinese food.
  15. Big fan of Indian classical music. Like everything - we evolve. Absolutley love this mindblowing stuff (fusion) indian classical meets Turkish Inspirational!!