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  1. i posted an ad on classified under consoles for selling a ps4 , i verified the post with my email , but the ad is no where to be found , do ads take some time to get posted?
  2. well overheating was the first thing that came into my mind , i repasted both cpu and gpu and cleaned the fans , yet the problem presist , the repair shop said he narrowed it down to the motherboard , but it will cost me 100 kd to get a replacement , so maybe there is much simpler solution
  3. i bought a clevo laptop "p170em" from usa and now it is busted , it shutdown after couple of minutes of being turned on , i took it to a pc place in ibn khaldon and he couldn't fix it and he said i need to replace it's motherboard which i need to order from usa which is really costy , does anyone knows a very good place to fix laptops , like a professional repair shop?
  4. i noticed that my usa and kuwait account vary in games prices , atm i only have psn plus with my kuwait account so i wonder is there a specific region where it is best to have my main psn store account in , like which psn store area is cheapest for games and have the newest stuff???
  5. couple of years ago i was subscribed to and they offered a solid service , now their service have become totally terrible , when i first subscribed the delivery guy came right away to take my sub money but it took them two days afterward to activate my account and that after i made an angry phone call to them , now its the second day and none of my orders arrived , is anyone suffering the same issues with them?
  6. oh my bad then , so anyone can suggest a good range dsl modem + router???
  7. i just checked a video for Buffalo Airstation N450 , this router dont look like it have a socket for the dsl phone line jack on it's back , or am i missing something?
  8. mr babu is out of stock , does the shops in rihab offer like 1 yr warranty ???? i dunno why xcite is selling the ps4 for a bloated 139 kd price mark
  9. blink is selling US ps4 with a 1 day warranty at a good price , is it worth taking the risk ? on another note , how do i know which region is the ps4 from the box?
  10. guys if i connected a new router to my dsl line , will it work out of the box ? or do i need to set it up , i called kems today and they said i need to pay 5 kd for them to set me a new router up , which is bullcrap
  11. i need a dsl router with good wifi coverage cuz my current one barely cover 3 m radius , also with good gaming performance , my budget is 40 kd max , any suggestions plz?
  12. i havnt went to the cinema in ages so the other day i thought to book a ticket online to find that the prices have risen by half kd??? all movies now have fancy three letters beside them "dig" which i guess means digital but last time i checked only digital 3d cost 3.5 now all movies whether 3d or not is 3,5 , this is seriously a joke like raising the prices from 2,5 to 3 wasn't enough now every couple of yeas they raise it half a kd . , it wont be long before it hit the 10 kd mark
  13. where did you sight those mini-skirts??
  14. what the hell?!? today the ping is even worse than before the cable cut , kems have became the most garbage isp in kuwait .
  15. omg the horrid high pings are back , what the hell is wrong with kems , and i willingly subscribed for the next 6 months :S