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  1. I will agree with that, but with all of the expansions, it was sort of a pain to get to just playing the game. With the ideas they have for the official release on the stand alone, I think it will be pretty good, they will incorporate the ARMA III engine into it also. I am still enjoying playing it.
  2. The DAYZ stand alone is available in alpha on Steam. If you are into survival, zombies, and the chance to kill/save other players, then this is your game. If you like realism, action, and constant decisions that will shape how you are viewed, these all will happen within minutes of spawning in the game with nothing but a flash light. Even for this game being in alpha it is still really good, for me it's one of the most well rounded games I have played since "The Last of Us". For me it feels like a mix between The Road and The Walking Dead. Even for this area the server connections are decent, mainly GB, even though all servers are at a higher ping, the game still runs well. Just wondering if anybody was playing, maybe we could meet up, if we could find each other in the huge ass map.
  3. I don't have a dev license, I just downloaded one of the later versions of the ios 7 beta which is used by developers. You can find it all over the place now, then it's just holding shift down while updating through i tunes, pointing to the file and you are in. I haven't had any issues with apps either, so it's good. I am using a 4s, and it runs smooth.
  4. I was wondering if anybody has installed the ios7 developer release. I have been using it on a 4s for about 2 weeks, I came from using cydia since the 3gs, so some of the features that were "new" will be familiar to jb users. What gets me is there is still not a silent icon....sure you can look on the side but in meetings or everyday use it's much easier to notice an icon, especially if you forgot to switch it back. Aside from that, most of the features are useful, the one I use most is the control center which is basically "sb settings" from cydia modified. I have noticed long power down/power up times, it might be due to it being a developer release. Just wanted to see what other people's thoughts were. Not an apple fan boy, haha, so pointless to say Android had this first or something along those lines.
  5. I would get a Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GL router, flash it with DDWRT, now you can have an access point, bridge, or router. There are a lot of compatible routers, but the ones I mentioned are inexpensive, and available in Kuwait. I would also put your router in a different subnet, isolating it somewhat from the rest of your apartment occupants. This is really easy to do, and can hinder those people who are bored and who know just enough to be dangerous. If you have ever logged into a router, you will choose DHCP on the WAN portion of your router, but the physical address of the router you will change, then any static/dynamic issuing of addresses could be on a different subnet not reachable from other tenants if you choose to do so.
  6. This is my opinion You need to get your house stocked with good, healthy food, so when you are ready to cook or snack on something the best options are there already. If you live with your parents let them know your goal, even if it means you might have to prepare your own food sometimes. Since you don't already have a specific diet you want to stick to, in the morning you could drink almond milk or soy, and eat oatmeal with a banana. Also if you wake up don't forget to drink water too, water and weight loss/working out go hand in hand. A kit kat is not a good snack, you should go for almonds, or fruit. If your knee gives you problems, just walk on a treadmill or do a bike, just get your heart rate up and maintain it. You can still incorporate push ups, do circuit style while your heart rate is still up go between push ups and walking/biking. Honestly there are hundreds of different routines you can do. For me once you get a routine with your eating habits, it's a number game calories taken in to calories burned. If you want to keep the weight off and not just yo yo back and forth, establish good eating habits and an exercise routine, and set a realistic goal up front, then it's just up to you. Also don't weigh yourself everyday, because there are some many factors to make weight vary daily, just do it each week, or at longer intervals. Good luck man.
  7. I would check out the cooler master cases, they have a wide variety, and they are simple/clean looking. Below is the desktop I built. I built it to edit video, I use Vegas Pro, the newer version supports use of NVIDIA CUDA technology, so even with the 660ti graphics card I have, editing video full 1080 24/60p is no problem. I have the same i7 you had listed with 32gb ram. I am using the hyper 212 evo cooler, with adjustable fan controls, and the thing runs quiet and cool even when encoding and gaming. Good luck with your build, I always like building new desktops and helping others, it's a pretty cool experience, haha. Once everything is running there is a real sense of accomplishment.
  8. You can do it yourself, it's not that difficult. You just have to have everything in order, and double check everything before you send it off. The laws have changed in the past year, and there is no guarantee they won't change again, so the quicker you can start the process the better. It all starts with the form I-130, this has to be mailed to a Chicago lockbox, usually you will use the US address of your spouse, or the "sponsor". Once you mail the form to Chicago you will get a receipt mailed to the address, also an email notification. This is just a receipt meaning everything was filled out correctly and signatures were present. The time for approval of the I-130 is around 5 months from receiving your receipt. After the I-130 is approved you will be sent a package containing more forms, these will have to also be sent back stateside, this process usually takes 2-3 months, once all of these forms are complete, then the appointment at the local US embassy will be scheduled. Once you go to the appointment you will be given a visa that you have 6 months to enter a port of entry in the US on, once you enter you will get the physical green card after about 2 weeks, and also the social security card. The amount of time and additional forms all depends on how long you have been married before filing for the CR1 visa, basically if you have been married less than 2 years, you will have a conditional visa, it just means about 2 months before it expires you have to send in another form. I did everything myself for my wife, and we are currently awaiting the I-130 approval. There are a lot of things that you can obtain in preparation for the form DS-230 such as police report, certified copies of birth certificate, tax returns, etc. Hope this helps, there are tons of forums, but it all begins with the form I-130. ... f3d6a1RCRD
  9. If the phone supports mp4, I would go with Handbrake Before handbrake I used the slysoft suite, anydvd, clonedvdmobile etc. But handbrake is free, fairly quick encoding and easy to use. It all boils down to what your file size and quality requirments are. If you have a hardware media player or software such as vlc, then format really doesn't matter, again a personal preference. Now it seems the more popular standards for video files are either mp4 or mkv, they both have a good compression to quality output, and with mkv subtitles and audio channels can be added with ease within the container.
  10. I got Defiance and have been playing it for the past couple of days. It is actually pretty good so far, it is a lot like an mmo version of "Borderlands". Everybody wants to steer away from that comparison, but the overall look and feel of the characters and the mannerisms is a lot like "Borderlands", the weapon drops don't happen as much when you kill people, but the weapon mods are pretty extensive. I have been impressed with gameplay network wise, I have a 3MB Qualitnet connection and it's been stable, no issues. Anybody playing?
  11. Puberty
  12. abuse
  13. Anybody check out Lion Fight Muay Thai 8, it was a recent fight put on by a new US based fight promotion with full muay thai rules, pretty good fights. There are some big name thai fighters fighting in the US for the first time like Yodsanklai , so a good chance for them to get known in the US by people just getting into Muay Thai. You can dl the fight
  14. They have an awards screening copy out now that you can download, it's good quality. I liked the movie.
  15. Friday market has good deals also, I bought a bunch of free weights there for really cheap, a friend of mine bough some really nice dumb bells too. I always see flat benches too.