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  1. @RahulGandhi https://t.co/4aDU1k01fA

  2. @AJEnglish According to neighbours, he was playing cricket on the day he was wounded. are you saying soldiers shot… https://t.co/6IsFZIKXKC

  3. @CitizenPolitix_ @ikamalhaasan @SadhguruJV another rice bag convert ?

  4. @ShashiTharoor are you serious ??? don't you have another lady to worry about ?

  5. @srajaamjad786 @ani_digital @ANI https://t.co/cm1AY1s1kT

  6. @BVediappan @anandmahindra @Pvsindhu1 the point here is common people doing extraordinary things thru hard work. ????… https://t.co/U7OnWxrCPv

  7. @pakictan @GautamGambhir @SAfridiOfficial https://t.co/yaw5dHjFHJ

  8. @TarekFatah https://t.co/YYk0638nLB

  9. @Ra_THORe Jai hind. Could you please tell me in which part of India ? Thank you.

  10. @vkasshu @MaheshJoshi_MJ @Swamy39 when ones intentions are not right, it is difficult to look at another person in… https://t.co/6m1QnfLaja

  11. Lock on.... https://t.co/hoP9ye33Ux

  12. Kinkaku-ji Temple, Japan https://t.co/SZgEEqp9pt

  13. Blue mosque, Turkey https://t.co/rM8OUvSo2X

  14. Tomin Hiroba, Tokyo https://t.co/cSr4fXWQP7

  15. Dazzling... https://t.co/9OQSKgZbdB