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  1. Xbl

    https://www.xcite.com/gaming/xbox-360/accessories/hard-drive-transfer-data-cable-migration-kit-xbox-360.html Can anyone tell me what this does? And do you get 3 months or more Xbox live gold membership with a game you purchase? Thank you!
  2. Hey if anyone has any of the following Xbox 360 items please PM me, 1) Kinect Sensor (with or without Kinect games) 2) Controller/s 3) 250 GB or more hard drive 4) Games Thank you! Cheers, Ribstickdude
  3. This has caused many arguments on the net Now I'm planning to buy one so the question is which?? Last time I asked a similar question on the forum with the "Wii" included and many people suggested the Wii and I ended up buying the Wii which was definitely a bad decision as I am stuck with it now. I know that 1 drawback of the Xbox is that you have to pay for online gaming around $15 a month whereas its free for PSN.......+1 for Ps3 And Xbox supports Halo whereas Ps3 doesn't........+1 for Xbox Ooh and a question.......I heard that you'll find all immature kids on Xbox live whereas on PSN you'll find the....well...umm the opposite maybe?
  4. Does K's Path accept cats? I've got a Persian and some unknown breed found on the road and now I can't keep it. Please help me find a new owner or a home for cats such as Kitty Ritz or K's Path. The Persian is neutered whereas the other one is not
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking forward to buying a Ps3 , preferably 500 GB (Slim/fat/ultra-slim anything will do) with a game With two controllers and also shouldn't be jail broken. Send me URL's or whatever but PLEASE help me find a console Budget: Nothing more than 90 KD And if your willing to sell your second hand one, P.S I'll buy it probably at the end of the month or maybe in Feb....Gotta focus on studies right now Thanks
  6. It's not compatible with Kinect and I've got a buyer willing to pay 30 So the highest bid is 30 for the Xbox
  7. Selling the Wii for 40 and Xbox for 35 if anyone's interested!
  8. Hey guys......I was planning to sell my two consoles, The first one: (Modded/Pirated) Also works with non-pirated games! Original Xbox + 1 Xbox Controller S + 1 Original "Fatty" Xbox controller (W. Cables) P.S It won't come in a box (COLLECTORS ITEM) If you wanna know then....You can get Original Xbox games at Al-Rihab! The Second One (not modded/pirated) Black Wii + 1 Black Wii Remote + 1 Black Nunchuck = (Cables, sensor etc) Please just tell me if your interested...If there are a considerable amount of people then I'll post it in the "What people are selling" forum Cheers!
  9. Roxas.....Where could you get an iHas? What is the price range?
  10. I need to know if you can modify the Black Nintendo Wii. Because I had gone to Al-Rihab complex a few moths ago and they said that they could not modify it as it was the black Wii, they said that the new modifying software would release in a few months. So I need to know if the software is released and is Al-Rihab a good place to modify the Wii.