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  1. any one knows a song with a girl that keeps saying calenteee calenteee in Portuguese or Spanish its kind of a disco beat i heard that song 20 years ago ,
  2. looking for amsoil dealer in kuwait , any idea ?
  3. maki rocks
  4. not bad
  5. you can find corn dog in yarmook Cop
  6. the tall one is more sexier
  7. there is a guy called zaky , he got a garage in al rai , he works in GTR's and supra for drag racing i would suggest to give him a visit let him advice you , his next to gambala just for zaky .
  8. loool i love siri
  9. all isp's in kuwait suck , for me i see mada is enough 8-10mb and i don't game a lot . call of duty 6 mw2 .
  10. thanks for sharing mr.
  11. it's not there and not even coming soon , who told you that it will be out in 16th ?? i called kncc they said we don't know when
  12. who dat ?? whats that guy name if you know ,, teh guitar is screaming it supposed to be David Gilmour great performance anyways
  13. you mean this ?
  14. great singer , thanks
  15. whats the best firewall and anti virus for windows 7 ?