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  1. All Countries have Customs even U.S/E.U/U.K and it takes them from 1 to a week to clear it from customs, if the shipment is coming from another country it has to go through customs, the package that was in Bahrain, that is just a scan for checking purposes and a scan check up not a " Real " custom check because it's not getting delivered to Bahrain it's just a transit shipment. In Reality it depends on the mood of the employee, and how many loads of shipment they have to clear. Not really most packages don't get opened. it depends on the description of the package and the weight and the labeling and the item value that is declared on the shipment. Note : Worked in shipping companies
  2. Hey guys, yesterday I had to go to shweikh near city center and I paid like 6KD for a round trip which is expansive. I wanted to ask is there a bus from Salwa ( near Messila ) to Shweikh Near City Center ? I tried to find bus routes but sadly the website of KNPC and City bus gives 0 info
  3. There is opensouq / ( Kuwait ) There is Mourjan ( Kuwait ) there is this site ( Kuwait - it's rather empty, new website )
  4. Mazadq8 = 4Sale They no longer support forum system and moved into the 4Sale site/app there is also opensouq and what mark stated the classifieds section
  5. Looking for PC Monitor 24inch + ( below 4MS ) Full HD or Above
  6. go Bin Khaldoon, to Limra but if you want custom cooling or stuff like that check out area 51
  7. Wimid if you want " Wireless " but if you can go for fiber optic, go fiber
  8. there online voucher system is bad, alot of people complained for the " online voucher "
  9. do you have like idk a showcase ?
  10. their prices are over priced by all means, even to Kuwait market they are over priced
  11. kems have been the worst ISP for me, just the worst even the support is bad, their net is never stable
  12. got a first gen i3 laptop with a cracked windows 7 i think collecting dust
  13. Looking for Hamilton Ventura steel bracelet hamilton ventura elvis anniversary collection if you know a place that sells it that would be nice for you to tell me
  14. hey guys i want to ask where i can buy a watch box that would fit 10 boxes or so i dont want anything to fancy or expansive.
  15. Hey guys anyone got a PC Monitor for sale ?