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  1. Latest updates on using Netflix via StrongDNS
  2. Mark are you still not having any issues with US Netflix?Sent from my SM-G900FD using Tapatalk
  3. my Netflix also not working over Smart DNS while HBO is working fine. I am using I was working fine until the launch of Netflix in Kuwait and then I canceled my smartdns subscription but last week I signed up again for HBO and couldn't watch US Netflix shows. Sent from my SM-G900FD using Tapatalk
  4. Looking at the last sentence. It seems not everyone is treated the same way as you are. May the God be with you. Sent from my SM-G900FD using Tapatalk
  5. Haven't you read that agreement before signing it...i looks it's you who put himself in this trap. If you were not aware of such conditions you can complain about this and if you are still bearing this then I must say you have quite a stamina. Sent from my SM-G900FD using Tapatalk
  6. Though i do not have s7 but with purchase of my earlier Samsung phones i remember i even received extra stickers which had the similar information that wasn't even sticked anywhere.
  7. Oh yah I forgot to tell you about free lancing doesn't care for any low salary jobs...such as computer shops, internet cafes etc....i turned my family friends into my customers.
  8. When I was fresher I even started working as free Lancer. ..however to gain some experience I had to do some internship for which i used my dad's wasta, i got internship but that wasn't exactly in my degree emphasis on software development while i ended up repairing a conmputer mouse as my first experience [emoji1]
  9. I find nice leather variety (not big) at lulu qurain...may be it fits your need...i bought one last week.
  10. I wanted to order a phone. I called them just to ask if they can deliver before a specific day since I was traveling and they couldn't promise i wasn't asking lesser delivery time that was mentioned on their website....i was just asking for the guarantee....totally useless. ..past wasn't good even.
  11. Welcome to the delusional world of souq dot com.
  12. You can call Airport taxi service, there is one dedicated by government not sure if they give pick up service as well and another is private company I think called limousine...however their charges are quite high and if that equals the amount of your 23 days parking for pick and drop and I suggest to use long term parking. However if you know some good taxi service outside Airport then you can rely on them...but again it's totally a risk....depends only if you know some good taxi service or driver.
  13. Visit their head office which is located in city
  14. thanks atleast someone replied. what are the chances if the child is small and not school going even. how many steps i can skip.
  15. wow 128 views and not even a single experience to share.