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  1. Hey guys, I'm a professional Kuwaiti DJ with 6 years experience and I play a wide variety of music ranging from Deep/Tech House, Hip Hop, Reggae, etc. I started off DJ'ing in Canada while in university and landed a full-time club gig. I've landed a restaurant gig here recently, but I'm not sure how to get more clients and what is the best way of advertising my services so that people could notice me? I've got a Soundcloud page with my mixes, and an Instagram page which I made recently, so whenever I meet someone who's interested I link them to my page. What would be the best way to promote my services? I don't mind DJ'ing restaurants, weddings, roadshows/exhibitions, etc. Cheers, DJ Veto ( _
  2. Hello, I do have a Go Pro 4 Silver Hero and willing to sell for KD 80. Excellent Used condition and barely used. Comes with Tripod and bag/case. If you are interested let me know.
  3. Hello, I do have a used Kindle that is in excellent shape. I wouldn't mind parting with it for KD 30. It also comes with a very nice tan case. Looks almost brand new. Cheers.
  4. There is a place in Shaab that rents out cheap manual cars, I thinkkkkkkk they go for 4 KD a day, that was back in 2010/2011 but not sure if still around now, you could check it out, IF you are on 30 heading towards Kuwait City before the 3rd ring road there is an enterance to Shaab after Flex, enter and you'd find it on your right before the Junction. It'll suck but it'll also teach you how to drive a manual, don't listen to people when it comes to driving, I like driving Manual it has more feel to the car, people here suck at driving because they are idle most of the time, with a manual gear you could barely answer the phone and drive so no texting and driving like a moron, If half the drivers started driving manual the streets would have so much improvements, you don't even know. You actually have a valid point. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out.
  5. Now tell me this doesn't look unbelievable... Although knowing BMW here, they'll charge an arm and a leg for it.
  6. The car isn't arriving until February - trading up to the S3 would be same budget as modding 86 with similar power. And I think this car looks unbelievable: Wow OK it does look gorgeous. I only saw the hatchback version. Good luck with that and keep us updated.
  7. Haha can't believe you're already about to trade in your car The S3 looks a bit ugly don't you think? Maybe looks are subjective.
  8. You're not eating correctly and your body isn't absorbing all the proper nutrients. Don't even think about going on a 1000 calorie diet. You won't be giving your body enough fuel to operate, and your knees will probably get weaker. I suggest going to a proper dietician/nutritionist that can set up a diet program just for your needs (i.e: higher calcium) for your knees. Also you should have your workouts monitored by a professional instructor, who can probably guide you for a week on what to do and then you can workout on your own. Be smart with your food selections. Like people said here, a cup of milk is not a meal.
  9. What are you eager on seeing or buying when the 2014 models come out? Personally I think the cars to look out for are: Cadillac CTS 2014 (next-gen) Audi A3 Infiniti Q50 (although I'm not a fan of the back bumper looks) BMW 4 Series / M4 Subaru WRX next-gen Corvette Sting-ray For me though and my budget of 10K, i've decided on the toyota 86 in sept/october. But I'll probably still look around when the new models come out. Let's hear your thoughts
  10. Yeah I guess there's no need to go that route then. Most auto's nowadays come with paddle shifters, so I guess they give some of that experience. Would be cool to try out that Mini Cooper S manual though
  11. I want to learn how to drive stick shift. I always hear that the experience with driving stick shift is a drastic improvement over Auto. Do many people drive manual transmissions here anyway? Are they suitable?
  12. At first glance I thought to myself that it doesn't resemble the original stingray. But it looks gorgeous. When do they come out in Kuwait and for how much are they priced+?
  13. In terms of value, classes, facilities, and crowd/atmosphere. If you had the money, what would you go for?
  14. That's great to know. Please check your PM !!
  15. Do you work for Ford? The ST is second on my list behind the GTI, but I would be interested in the Performance Blue or Tangerine Scream (in that order). Interior I'm not really sure what options they come in? Also does the ST come in an automatic or manual gearbox?