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  1. I need to send over some documents to Kuwait and was wondering what are my options to have them home delivered. Thanks
  2. I am considering getting the tokina 11-16mm DX II and was wondering if anyone ever used this, would like some feedback and/or would recommend another ultra wide I got a Nikon D5200 Thanks!
  3. Sims 4, Stronghold Crusaders 2, Dota 2, Shadow of Mordor, Diablo 3..
  4. pictures please!
  5. thanks dude! I wasn't even aware of this technology lol.. I wonder about security especially living in an apartment complex.. I was going to suggest a wifi extender either by getting the device or another router as an access point..
  6. Hi guys, Just as the title says, could you guys suggest restaurants for a good reunion (20 to 25 people), cuisine really doesn't matter. If possible, something by the beach, outdoor seating! Thanks
  7. Couple of shots I took at Addison, Texas few weeks ago (Independence Day fireworks)
  8. Thanks Mark, Mathai! lol yea I can't seem to find a decently priced variable ND filter :/ Worst case I might just get the one Mark and you suggested, should be fine for now. It better come to good use once I reach Kuwait
  9. So, the past few days I've been trying to find a variable ND filter for my Nikon 35mm. I would like some suggestions! I can shell out up to $50 for the filter (A little more if really required) Thanks
  10. Always forget about that :/
  11. host not cms
  12. Thanks! I will see if I can rent it out for a weekend and give it a test run.. keep the suggestions coming I managed to get my hands on some flash and a 18-200mm for a wedding last weekend - I wasn't the official photographer but a guest I seem to be more comfortable shooting candids with 18-200 but I love the 35mm (Thanks again for that suggestion Mark!) I guess it's just experience that I require now with the 35mm
  13. Unfortunately that's true.. Oh I wasn't aware about that