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  1. looking for an used psp, in good working condition, unit plus charger, and all working buttons,,. and hoping for the dirt cheap prize.. viber me on +639081479820...
  2. update! update! it might help some of the people who are experiencing the same problem... as ive said, i bought i huawei d602 external antenna in hawally.. it cost me 3kd a piece (bought 2).. it has a ts-5 connector.. so what i did was: ---i cut the midpart of the 1 meter wire of the d602. ---i peeled a 1cm on both (cut)ends of the wire ---i have an old coax wire(the wire the we use on our satellite box and tvs) about 20 meters long ---peeled both ends of the coax wire same as what i did on the cut ends of the d602 ---i connected each end of the d602 to each end of coax cable... basically i made the coax wire as extender of the d602 antenna which only a meter long... ---as a result i have a 20 meter d602 external antenna... ---connected the ts-5 connector to my portable router which is inside the house, and place the antenna outside the building... as a result.... from a fullbar 2g signal... to a 2 bar 4g signal...
  3. i did by an external antenna.. i think it's huawei d602 but it did not help me get a good network
  4. what about the signal 1 and signal 2 written at the bottom of the device? is it useless?
  5. Hi guys! I have a huge problem! I will transfer to a new flat.. I will stay on the basement.. The problem is my huawei E5372(viva) has a poor reception in the basement.. Only intercepting 2g signal.. Damn! I need help! Any do-it-yourself signal booster suggestion? Or where can i buy/find external antennas that can connect to my router to increase the netwrok into 4g again? Do u know any stores here in kuwait that sells one? Need ur help badly.. Thanks
  6. u don't agree, right bro?
  7. anybody knows, where can can i buy a set of tyres for my dodge durango 2007, that offers good promotions, discounts/sale? which store? where? or which month do they usually make this kind of promotions? thanks..
  8. +1.. keep it don't use it, try to preserve it.. after the signee died (not praying for it) it'll be more valauble...
  9. looking for a wall bracket for my 42inch lcd tv... contact me thru whats app / viber 55902682.. thanks.. good prce pls..
  10. thanks for the input,, ill put that in mind..
  11. not yet.. it's part of tge plan.. but i really want to know the true performance of the car.. is it expensive when it comes to maintenance compare to (for example)mazda 6, galant etch...
  12. Mercury Mountaineer. 2006... somebody is selling his car, and i kinda like it,, the thing is, i don't have any idea about the car, i mean, maintenance, parts and stuff... how is it? is it a high maintenace car when it come to money spending? is it a good car? is it a car that anyone would recommend? help pls...
  13. Thanks man.. But before i wrote this thread.. Those items were sold already..
  14. Thanks man.. But before i wrote this thread.. Those items were sold already..
  15. im looking for a flash.. Either of the 3... Yougno 560 ii... Nikon sb 700... Nissin di866 / di 866ii.. I need it asap as im gonig to vacation on the 15th of december... Viber me at 65550517... I need a fair price thanks...