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  1. I just signed up with them and the Catalogue of the regional Netflix is quite embarrassing. A couple of heavy hitters like, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Orange Is The New Black etc are available which is awesome but most have already watched them. I was hoping to find shows like, Arrested Development, It's always sunny in philadelphia, Community etc but unfortunately non of them are on it. Can anyone share how I can access the U.S Netflix on my Smart TV?
  2. The Games I'm Playing Right Now Are: Destiny/Taken King FIFA 16 Black Ops 3 The Walking Dead: Season Two Broken Age MGSV I hardly get an hour for games everyday ( Wish I Could Work From Home ), thus the long 'Currently Playing List'.
  3. Well, It Is Futuristic. But don't let that keep you away from it, Black Ops 3 is brimming with content, from incredibly fun Zombies mode to an addicting Multiplayer you'll definitely find something that'll justify your purchase. And much to my surprise it has a good Campaign mode, with good story. Well, good story - for a Shooter.
  4. Is anyone aware of the official release date of the New Nexus Phone line up? I'm itching to own the new Nexus 5X, but won't pay the ridiculous asking price of some people that are already selling it on various websites/forums. '220 KD For Nexus 5X 16GB' = WTF
  5. I appreciate the Reply Mark, will go visit the place on my way back from Work.
  6. Not talking about Digital Downloads, want to buy some Phyical Copies of my favorite Albums. If you could direct me to a Shop with extensive collection of Albums, that would be awesome. Cheers.
  7. Sure, I'll raid with you. I have finished Normal Mode Raid several times and have done Hard Mode up until Oryx ( Haven't Been Able To Find A Group Paitent Enough To Beat It ). I am at Light LVL 306.
  8. Selling used copy of 'The Last Of Us: Remastered' PAL, PS4 , its in like New condition. Selling Price: 12KD
  9. I got this package Oct last year, my contract duration was 18 months. Everything was fine up until Sunday this week when both my 4G Viva connections dropped significantly and have been the same every since. This happened to both the 4G connection I have at the same time, so one can tell nothing is wrong on my side. I'm thinking about cancellation, want to get a Zain 4G now. Anyone have an idea what would be the Cancellation Fee.
  10. Both of my Viva4G connection are slower than Dial-Up. Any of you facing a similar problem?
  11. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you talking time to reply. I think 280KD would be a fair asking price?
  12. Built it up last month, but now want to get rid of it. How much should I ask for this: Intel core i7-4770 3.4ghz Gigabyte H87 motherboard Cooler Master v6 gt air cooler Kingston 16gb ddr3 ram Kingston 120gb hyper x ssd 2tb hard disk Geforce 650gtx ti 2 gb vga Seasonic 520 watts power supply Cooler Master case N300 Cheers.
  13. I've been interested in doing this for quite sometime now, but can't seem to find the answer to the question above. has anyone ever looked into this? Any Help Will Me Appreciated.
  14. As much as i'd like to, i won't be able to afford an 'M8'. So how do you stand on HTC One.
  15. Thanks Burhan - I posted this expecting a response from you. Currently Xcite has it for 217KD & MrBabu for 227KD, any idea where I might find it at the cheapest.