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  1. Im with you NEIGHBORS from hell.. I dont know whats their motto in life in doing such things.. If its really how they live they dont care whoever they are sharing the building with.. But because we like/love to live where we are then we have to adjust. I have neighbors who would race with me in taking the last parking available, some do stuff loudly that are shameful for couple to let voices high and those noices are not pleasant to kids ears (if u got what i mean). Some put their stuff in my floor that is designated for our trunks or any things that we dont need inside the house. Some fart inside the lift. Yakkk! Some spit. Some smoke.. There are times that i wonder how there are huge huge flies flying in the stairways double the size of a green pea and found out that my neighbors garbages are not sealed sure many other tenants have their own stories and experience... what can we do ? We have to live with these.
  2. Its been a long time I haven't ordered ftom Great Steak until last thursday night.. I was browsing kuwait paper dump for food to eat then I saw ther menu. we ordered mini burgers and tempura (its chicken strips).. The burger comes in 4cutes size + fries + drink. The tempura comes in good portions too.. Mini burger was awesome, bun was soft,. Meat was fresh with barbeque sauce and onion that was caramelizes.. Any comments if I should continue eating their burgers?
  3. My first time though with egypt air... Haven't got any reply yet to my email, donno if they even will look at my complain, surely they're busy accepting bookings and receiving/ deducting money.
  4. Upon receiving the flight confirmation, it is mentioned that their exchange rate basis was 3.50778/ 1 KD.... i think im just gonna do what you say... its supper freakin headache to run after 14KD difference... thank u.
  5. Can anyone please share their experience booking on-line with Egypt Air? On May 30 i booked through EgyptAir website for 3pax Kuwait-Sharm-Kuwait (August 2013). The amount given was 1,840.36 or otherwise converted to 526KD. But when deduction was made through Visa the amount taken was 540KD... I tried calling them and the guy who answered me kept on saying "what do u want!!!..." after telling him the whole story he advised that if i booked online i must send an email and not call them.. It's devastating. Please share your experience...
  6. In my area Mangaf, we have PINK... hmm... Do they have a girlish taste now?? Then why do old black dirty bins still exist???
  7. Cheer up, go out and meet people.. Involve yourself in sports, read books and get involved. Also, marital life is not like eating cupcakes and watching movies... any partner can turn one's life like hell. Marriage is not about sex, its being committed and to have companionship. My husband for instance gave me a lot of problems and he is living his life like a bachelor, many times I want to quit but thank God he changed. I let him do what he wants, im not checking on him when he is out, I just do my responsibilities without getting involved with his business... Eventually he felt guilty... Thank God... Prayers... You are not depressed I see coz you are writing and sharing your life... You are simply bored.
  8. When I first start working in this company I was that empployee who is quiet and always follows instructions because I want to observe how many aligators are working here... Then my colleagues started throwing their extra work on me knowing that they earn double triple my salary so then there I started complaining until I learned to bite them back... Hehehe now we are all aligators minding their own preys. I gave them a good blow of flavorful shit and they stop bothering me..
  9. Go to hospitals, police station or morgue...
  10. Hey ozzy, why buy second hand when u can get it new. I bought mine from the market of fahaheel (if u know any mia then ull find there). I bought a medium non stick aluminum pan the round one for .600fils. I use them all the time... Just yesterday I made cinnamon roll.. Yummy!
  11. Today we went searching for flat again but we were not lucky.... I really want to move out ... It's embarrasing to live beside them yeah it is...
  12. Hmmm... The sound recording thing and the door bell will surely give me a smashed face That's how nervous the guy is... Hahaha
  13. We have a very annoying couple who just moved in and they are right next to my flat Watchman says they are newly married.... So what! 1 of my neighbour moved out and we are in search for another flat. The couple almost fight everyday with all the screaming and throwing things. The noise is the same and LOUD when they .... Oh gosh it is really a shame the lady scream loud that the whole floor can hear. I tried to stay in my room to keep my son away from the noise and even we complained many times to the watchmen and they were warned to be kicked out. Do you experience the same? if you are in my sitiation, what will you do? No dirty mind response please... Just a topic.
  14. Hi. Anyone out there wanna sell their camry 2011 car or if u know someone, please let me know. I'm looking for the latest car options on Camry with sunroof, bluetooth, rear cam...etc. Really appreciate anyone who can help. Cheers!